Tinkering and Geekery

Have you noticed anything different in the menu bar above? Probably not, because not much has changed. I tweaked the order of the items so it’s easier to view some of the nested menu options.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be making a few more minor changes to streamline things. But I’ll also be making another change. Not so much a change, but more like a focus. All of the topics you see here are related to science, knowledge, and speculative fiction. Sounds geeky, doesn’t it? Recently, my blog posts have been all over the place about many different subjects. I want a better focus. I’ll be doing a lot on various geeky topics, which isn’t really a change at all. The big thing is going to be Quick Facts, which I’ll try to make into a weekly series. Or maybe biweekly. It really depends. Also, I’d like to make my Worldbuilding series into a weekly feature.

These changes will help keep fans of science and fantasy/sci-fi worldbuilding coming back regularly. I’ll probably start them in the new year, though don’t be surprised if something happens before then.

What are you interested in seeing?


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