Does Anyone Still Use a…

256px-BreadboxI thought came to my mind, as many thoughts do. Does anyone still use a breadbox? And that just brought up more questions.

Does anyone still play the old Nintendo?

Does anyone still use the old cell phones without a big colour screen? And for that matter, does anyone still use a rotary phone?

Does anyone still use a black and white TV?

Does anyone still use Mapquest? Sure, it exists, and it’s been modernised, but really, does anyone even bother using it?

Does anyone still pronounce “gif” with a hard g, now that we know it’s supposed to be a soft g?

Does anyone still try to use the Mid-Atlantic accent? Don’t know what that is? It was used on TV in the early to mid twentieth century.

Does anyone still use MD players in Japan?

Does anyone still watch laserdiscs?

Does anyone still use Windows 95? Windows 3.1? Oh hell, does anyone admit to still using Windows Vista and liking it?

Can you personally answer these questions with a yes? Can you add more questions? I look forward to what you have to say in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Does Anyone Still Use a…”

  1. Oh in some aspects I am a tech savvy person and in others I am a luddite. I embrace the technology and progress that does me good and adamantly reject what doesn’t.

    I don’t make much bread anymore, but yes I have a breadbox. I make the majority of my food from scratch including bread. You’re talking to a girl who grew up near a “trading post” though instead of a grocery store.

    I hate phones so yes I use a very old school flip. Very limited capabilities. I just need it to ring or better yet just call out for emergencies.

    I have box TVs and yes one is black and white.

    I use IE and Chrome for both work and home.
    I use what I have. I don’t buy new just to have it. I use what I have until it is no longer usable.

    Gasp* I may be investing in a new mattress after 15 years and a new PC this year.

    1. Mattresses don’t go obsolete, just worn out.

      Chrome is often the very modern web browser of choice for people. IE, though, while still on modern Windows, is no longer being updated as far as I know.

  2. I play NES on emulators quite often actually. I also watch a lot of old school game Let’s Plays, though that’s stretching the question a bit I suppose.

    I pronounced gif with the hard g because I think “jif” sounds ridiculous.

    I actually sound like I’m affecting a Mid-Atlantic accent in most of the videos I make because I’m from eastern PA and our vowels are so nasal. I used to sing in choirs and our directors would bemoan the terrible PA vowels so I learned to sing with a sort of British accent and it translates over to videos, because I just think it sounds better.

    I use Mapquest all the time! I actually used it tonight to go to a friend’s new house. Are there other options? I know there’s Google maps, but Mapquest has never steered me wrong hehe.

    1. I’d play old games on emulators. I know I can get them easily, I just haven’t tried.

      I started with Mapquest, but moved on to Google Maps. I like how it works. But I’d never use Apple Maps. Horrible and inaccurate.

  3. We used a breadbox until my partner used it to kill a rat the cat had brought in and gotten bored with. After which, y’know, we just didn’t want to keep bread in it so much anymore. Now we use a basket that hangs on the wall. Probably not rat proof but we haven’t had anymore rats since that one.

    My phone is from a pre-flip generation. So there.

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