Busy Two Weeks

From now on, I’m going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. Twice, we’ll be going out of town to visit relatives. Both times will be overnight trips. But no need to worry, I’ll still be posting twice a day. That’s what’s nice about having a WordPress app on my phone. I can blog from anywhere.

January 1st is going to be very busy, and I won’t have any time to post Authors Answer myself, so I’ll be scheduling it for that day. I’ll be writing it up a couple days before and have it post automatically. The one for Christmas will go up as normal, since we’ll be home.

I’ll still be working some days, while others  have off. But I’ll be busy, mostly because of travel, eating and drinking with family, and occupying my daughter’s time (or she’s occupying my time). I’m wondering what to do for the Monthly Review. I can’t do it on time, so it’ll be late. I also can’t do the Weekly Review on January 2nd. I’ll have a big one on the 9th, then.

I also have a big idea for the new year, so expect something interesting after the holidays.

Are you busy over the next couple weeks?

Test Driving Languages – Italian

Flag_of_Italy.svgMoving on quickly to another language test drive, I tried out a romance language. This time, it’s Italian. Having already studied French a lot, and a bit of Spanish, I went into this thinking it would be a lot more similar to Spanish than French, considering how it sounds. I was right. French is the most different Romance language, so Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese share a lot.

Io sono un uomo.

— I am a man.


This is probably the easiest thing about Italian. It uses the Roman alphabet, which is appropriate, considering that alphabet started there. There’s nothing difficult about this. Reading and writing are simple.


I also found this fairly easy. The rules seem straightforward and not at all difficult to remember. I had no problem with this.


Like Spanish, it has gendered nouns, and many different articles to go along with them. It seems that articles combine with other words, something I haven’t seen yet. Conjugation of verbs is something to get used to, but hopefully consistent. Lots of new pronouns to learn, too. But since it is similar to Spanish, I think this should be pretty easy to pick up.

Overall Impression

I think having studied a bit of Spanish has given me an advantage here. I found this easy to learn and I could remember the words well. The only difficulty is verb conjugation, which I should get used to as I study. I enjoyed the six lessons I did, which were pretty straightforward. They focused mainly on the “be,” “eat,” “drink,” and “read” verbs, which have similarities to both Spanish and French. I just have to make sure I don’t get confused between the languages. So, I think I have another language in Italian to look forward to.

Have you studied Italian? Are you interested in it? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.