Busy Two Weeks

From now on, I’m going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. Twice, we’ll be going out of town to visit relatives. Both times will be overnight trips. But no need to worry, I’ll still be posting twice a day. That’s what’s nice about having a WordPress app on my phone. I can blog from anywhere.

January 1st is going to be very busy, and I won’t have any time to post Authors Answer myself, so I’ll be scheduling it for that day. I’ll be writing it up a couple days before and have it post automatically. The one for Christmas will go up as normal, since we’ll be home.

I’ll still be working some days, while others  have off. But I’ll be busy, mostly because of travel, eating and drinking with family, and occupying my daughter’s time (or she’s occupying my time). I’m wondering what to do for the Monthly Review. I can’t do it on time, so it’ll be late. I also can’t do the Weekly Review on January 2nd. I’ll have a big one on the 9th, then.

I also have a big idea for the new year, so expect something interesting after the holidays.

Are you busy over the next couple weeks?

6 thoughts on “Busy Two Weeks”

  1. Scheduling posts ahead of time is excellent idea. I’m going to have to do that, too. Christmas Eve and the days following will be busy with friends, family, drinks, etc… Enjoy your time!

    1. My schedule is normal for the next few days. I work until Monday, then have the rest of the week with my daughter while my wife works every day. Then it’s a trip to the in-laws’ on Friday.

  2. It’s definitely a busy time here. My daughter and her husband arrived from Honolulu today, joining our younger daughter who came home on Saturday. The next week will include midnight Mass Christmas Eve, family dinner at our house on Christmas, the arrival of my sisters and families the next day, more family dinners, various departures, and then New Year’s Eve and Day, so, yeah, really busy. I’m not sure how much I will blog, but, given that I don’t post on a schedule, my readers are used to going with the flow.

      1. It’s busy, but precious. We never know from year to year which constellation of people will be here to celebrate with us.

        I’m sure your Christmas in Canada next year will be awesome!

        1. Definitely. I look forward to putting up the Christmas tree, having presents on Christmas morning, and turkey dinner. And snow. Well, I can do without snow.

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