Week in Review – December 26, 2015

It’s the final week in review for 2015, and this past week has been dedicated partly to languages. I did a couple language test drives. It was also Christmas, and I had some Christmas posts. So, what did you miss? Let’s find out what happened this week.

This week’s posts

I started off with a language test drive. It was a pleasant surprise, and fairly easy to learn. Read all about it: Test Driving Languages – Norwegian.

Laundromats are often places to run into strange people. That happened last weekend. Find out about my Adventures at the Coin Laundry.

I reminisce a lot about my youth sometimes. And one of the things I enjoyed doing was creating characters for RPGs. I talked about The Appeal of Dungeons and Dragons and I still feel like I want to get some of the game books.

There’s been talk before about Bill Nye running for President. Well, I think he and another famous scientist should be running mates. See who else I chose at Forget Clinton, Sanders, Trump, and Carson.

I quickly got back into doing another language. It was also easy, especially after Spanish and French. Find out what I had to say in Test Driving Languages – Italian.

Holidays are coming next week, so I talked about my Busy Two Weeks. It’s not Christmas that’s busy, it’s New Year’s!

With all the advances in science and technology lately, it feels like many things today are science fiction. Join the discussion at Do We Live in a Science Fiction World? Need more comments!

My family went up to see the in-laws, and I posted the next post from a train station. I saw a giant chess piece. So, I asked Do You Play Chess? I do. I really want to play, actually.

After getting back home from our overnight trip, I had some thoughts about Japan’s train system. It’s Convenient, Yet Inconvenient – Japan’s Train System. It can be a headache with young children.

Also on Christmas Eve, I thought about what Christmas feels like in Japan and Canada. Find out what I had to say in The Christmas feeling Is Missing.

Christmas Day fell on a Friday, so that meant this year’s Christmas Authors Answer was on Christmas! We had a nice, simple one this year. Go read Authors Answer 60 – Merry Christmas from All of Us.

More Christmas! This time, Christmas dinner. I love turkey, but many people seem to think it’s not very good in Japan. So, What Do You Think of Turkey?

Although I posted this after Christmas Day had finished (in Japan), it was still Christmas Day in North America. I made a video with a pleasant walk around a park and gave my Christmas message. Check out Merry Christmas from Japan.


I made some progress, but not a lot. I wanted to read on the train to and from my in-laws’, but my daughter didn’t make it easy. However, I’m now at 81% in The Dragon Reborn and 22% for Keepers of Water. Hope to finish The Dragon Reborn before the year ends.


I did a couple of test drives, so both Norwegian and Italian are at level 2. I also studied some French, though I didn’t advance in level there. I’m kind of going slowly recently.


We’ve been doing a bit of packing. Four boxes done with more to come. With the holiday season here, I’m not really expecting any update for the visa application until January is here.

Online Courses

I signed up for a new course on FutureLearn that starts January 4th. It’s only four weeks long, and is fairly basic astronomy. Just doing it for fun and maybe I’ll learn something new, though unlikely. But it should have some more recent updates, as there will be some information about exoplanets in the region of Orion.

That’s it for this week. Next week’s update will not be happening. I’m not going to be able to access my computer at that time, so I’ll do a weekly update that’ll consist of two weeks’ worth of posts. Also, I may be doing some videos over the next week. So look out for that.

What did you do in the past week?

Merry Christmas from Japan

It’s already December 26th, but it’s still Christmas for everyone in North America, and especially my family. I’ve already posted about my Christmas, and what I described pretty much went as planned.

My daughter got her present in the morning, then I took her to a Christmas party at her daycare/nursery. I then recorded a video at a big park and former site of Oba Castle. And I picked up my daughter, where she got a present from three Santas. That’s right, three. We had a kind of Christmas lunch with roast chicken and pizza, and later had roast beef and salad. But the one thing I wanted to share with you in this post is the video. So, please enjoy!

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Merry Christmas!