Ninety Days to Canada

It’s now only ninety days until we go to Canada. It’s getting so close, it’s finally feeling real. One of the biggest real things happened today.

We sent five boxes of things to Canada. We’ll send more another time, but this is just the first part of our actual physical move. They should take about two months to arrive in Canada. Much of what we sent were some clothes, some personal use things, our daughter’s hina dolls, and twenty-nine of my books.

As for sending my books, I’ll probably only get to send about half of them, while the other half is either thrown away or sold to Book-Off, which I discovered has an English section near where we live. Some of the books I’ll try to sell include Harry Potter, some Terry Brooks books, Terry Pratchett books, and some others. I can easily buy them again in Canada. Some others I hope to take are some of my Japanese textbooks. I have to remember that I can take two checked suitcases and a carry-on bag, and so can both my wife and daughter. My daughter has a lot of toys, but not all of them are coming with us.

One thing my daughter needs to do when we arrive in Canada is get registered for kindergarten. She also needs to get used to speaking English. She’s been making big strides recently with English, and has been using a lot more than she used to. She still speaks mostly Japanese, though.

Well, I hope everyone’s having a good holiday season. One more post this year, and that’ll be it until January 1st!

4 thoughts on “Ninety Days to Canada”

  1. Sounds exciting! Do you know the exaxt date of your move? When I applied for my greencard to move to Canada we didn’t know when we were moving until we got word that I had been approved. While we knew a general date, we didnt know exactly. Hope your daughter makes the transition easily.

    1. March 30th is when we go. However, my wife may not have her visa approved by then. If not, we’ll be getting her a visitor visa, but she won’t be able to study or do work while waiting. Once it does come, we have to leave the country on a trip and she has to re-enter.

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