A New Year in Japan – A Temple Visit with Luck?

We went to another temple, this time Monjuji in Saitama City. I’ve been there before about three times. This time, things were a bit different.

The main gate of the temple.


The main hall of the temple.


We went next door, to an attached building, where most of my wife’s family went up for a New Year’s service. My sister-in-law’s husband and I stayed downstairs to watch my daughter and his daughter. The cousins played while we waited. After that was over, it was time for something a bit different.

My daughter got to drink some amazake, a sweet drink available at New Year’s.


We waited in line to go up to the temple, ring the bells, toss in a coin, and pray or make a wish for the year.


And then, I got an Omikuji. This is a fortune. I was trying my luck.


It turns out my fortune said suikichi. That means future luck. So, I should have luck later on this year. It said I shouldn’t rush into things and take my time. When looking for a new job, I should be patient, and one will come. Health will be better, and to stay the course in my studies.


I wish I had luck after that because when we returned to my wife’s grandparents’, we had lunch. It was a good lunch, and we ate a lot. However, my daughter had diarrhea. We had no change of clothes and ran out of wet wipes. We returned to my wife’s parents’ house and did laundry. I am now waiting for it to dry in a coin laundry.

Well, that’s it for now. We’ll see what’s in store for later.


8 thoughts on “A New Year in Japan – A Temple Visit with Luck?”

  1. Oh my gosh. I have been in situations like that with my boys when they were little. And of course it always happens when you are least prepared or forgot the bag with all the emergency stuff in it.

    1. Yeah, two years ago, we were on the train from seeing Odawara Castle while my sister was visiting, and my daughter had a diarrhea. It was worse than what happened this weekend. In fact, we had to stop at Chigasaki Station and my wife went to buy new pants. My daughter ended up loving those pants, but they unfortunately got holes in them last year. I hate it when my daughter’s favourite things get damaged.

      1. I remember when we travelled back from Japan, my son was about 11 months old, developed diarrhea on the plane, and an instant diaper rash. I can tell you that was a very long plane ride to Seattle.

        1. Oh, that would be horrible! I’m actually worried about our flight, and my daughter is going to be 4 years old. She still uses diapers, but can use the toilet. I’m hoping she sleeps for much of the flight.

            1. I think we’ll all be incredibly tired. We need to figure out how to get 9 bags to the airport with only 3 people, one of which can’t carry her own suitcases.

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