I’m a Guest on the Just Japan Podcast!

I mentioned this earlier this week, but now that it’s officially available, you can listen to it! I was asked to be a guest on Kevin O’Shea’s podcast Just Japan Podcast to talk about our move from Japan to Canada. The title of this episode is Leaving Japan. It’s the 95th episode.

justjapanpodcast95leavingjapanI encourage you to go on over to Kevin’s website and listen to the podcast. It’s about an hour long, so give yourself some time to listen.

If you’re wondering how we did it, it was pretty simple. We talked on Skype, and he recorded our conversation. That’s about it.

I’d like to thank Kevin for inviting me. I’m looking forward to doing it again. He suggested that we do another podcast a few months after we’ve moved to Canada to see how we’re doing.

If you’ve listened to it, let me know what you thought in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Guest on the Just Japan Podcast!”

  1. In the category of better late than never, I just listened to the podcast. It was fun to hear you speak about your life in Japan and your impending move. I especially enjoyed hearing about the differences in the education systems. Won’t be long now! Best wishes with your job search.

    1. Thanks for listening! Yeah, it’s soon. We’ll be in Vancouver in 9 weeks. Won’t stay there long, though. Just the airport, then taking the ferry to Vancouver Island for a week of family visits and sightseeing.

      1. I would like to visit the Vancouver area someday. My husband got to go there on business once and enjoyed it. Glad that you will get to see family right away and begin introducing your daughter to family and her second home country.

        1. Yeah, it’ll be nice for her to meet a few relatives. We won’t be staying in Vancouver, but just going through it. At least we’ll see a bit of it from the car. Looking forward to the ferry ride, though.

          1. Sounds like fun! I realize there will be more family later as you head back to your home area, but it’s nice that you can visit other family and other locations on the way. It will be interesting to see how your daughter reacts to the new people, sights, and sounds!

            1. I’m interested in both her reaction and my family’s reaction. Many of them have only seen pictures on Facebook, and some almost nothing at all.

            2. That will be interesting. I had assumed in these days of skype and video links that your family in Canada would have had four years of watching from afar. This is more old-school, like the days of waiting for letters to come in the mail. I still have letters stashed away from when I and my husband were in college, back when long-distance calls were expensive and email wasn’t available.

            3. Only my mom and sister have regularly skyped with us. My aunt has seen her on skype, but only once.

              I remember long-distance calls to my grandparents. They were events, in a way. But my dad always spoke on the phone loudly, probably thinking he needs to speak louder because of the distance.

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