Test Driving Languages – Danish

Flag_of_Denmark.svgMoving from one Scandinavian language to another, I attempted a bit of Danish. It’s very similar to both Norwegian and Swedish, but my experience was very different from either one. There were some easy aspects, yet other frustrated me. I was surprised.

Jeg er en mand.

— I am a man.


This is pretty easy, like the other Germanic languages. It’s mostly the Roman alphabet with a couple other characters added (æ and ø).


This frustrated me a bit. The postfixes were difficult to hear, and some words weren’t so easy to pronounce. I would really need to practice both listening and speaking to be able to get this right. Not easy.


The good things: You don’t have to conjugate verbs. They are always the same no matter what the pronoun is. The pronouns are also quite straightforward. There are gendered nouns, but not male/female. However…

The bad things: The nouns are either common gender or neuter. These you just need to remember. For the indefinite articles, they are en and et respectively. For the definite articles, they are postfixed to the nouns. And then there’s the plural form. And definite plural form. I just got so confused I couldn’t remember what they were. I would have to really concentrate on this to remember.

Overall Impression

I had difficulty with both pronunciation and articles. However, word retention was very good. There were some similarities with Norwegian and Swedish, and I liked that the verbs don’t conjugate. That is easy. I found it more challenging than Norwegian and Swedish, but that’s just after six lessons. It’ll be a while until I fully tackle this language, though.

Have you studied Danish? Are you interested in it? Let me know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Test Driving Languages – Danish”

        1. Absolutely. Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian are all very similar. It’s said that the Swedish and Norwegians can understand each other, even if they only speak in their own languages.

          1. Do you know anything about Icelandic? I know it is related but I’m not sure how long ago it branched off. I would like to visit Iceland someday. The geology there is fascinating!

            1. Icelandic is Germanic, but it’s more closely related to Old Norse. It’s more complex than the other modern Scandinavian languages. And I agree, I’d love to go to Iceland and explore.

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