The Anticipation of Going to Canada

It’s only two and a half months until we’re in Canada. It’s been more than five years since I’ve set foot in my home country. But this time, we’re going there to stay. I’m going to miss Japan a lot, and there are things I don’t really want to leave, but there are some things I’m looking forward to. They may not be typical things, though.

  • Landing in Vancouver. We will no longer have to worry about lugging around our six suitcases and three carry on bags. How the hell are we going to get to Narita? Actually, how are we going to get those bags from our home in Fujisawa to my wife’s parents’ house? I’ll be glad when my sister and mom pick us up, and we won’t have to worry about how to get them from place to place.
  • Taking the ferry to Vancouver Island. It’s been nearly twenty years since I’ve taken the ferry. I loved it back then, and I’m sure I’ll love it this time. One of the highlights of traveling to the island.
  • The Rocky Mountains. We’ll be driving back to Edmonton through the mountains. That will be great.
  • University of Victoria. I want to see the campus again. As an alumnus, if I had a card for the alumni association, I could use the library any time I wanted. But I just want to see the campus and the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Downtown Victoria. I lived downtown for a while, and I spent a lot of time there. It’s beautiful. I really want to see it again.
  • Prairie clouds. The clouds in Japan are nice, but there’s something I never get to see here: huge cumulonimbus clouds that bring thunderstorms. Those things are incredible.
  • Big sky. Here in Japan, there are so many multi-storey buildings everywhere. The streets are narrow, and there aren’t many wide open spaces. The sky seems small here. The prairies have a very big sky.
  • Driving. I like Canada’s roads. I feel comfortable on them. The ones in Japan, not so much.
  • Dill pickle potato chips. I just love them.
  • Harvey’s burgers. I love them, too.
  • Central heating. I like to have a warm home in winter. In Japan, no central heating and poor insulation lead to cold homes in winter.
  • People. Especially friends and family. It’ll be great to see them again. But this time, I want to meet as many of my friends as I can.
  • Travel. From Canada, we should be able to afford to travel more often.
  • Lack of city tax and national health insurance premiums. Those costs are so high in Japan. No city tax for me to pay in Canada, and health insurance is dirt cheap.
  • Carpet. That’s right, carpet. We have hardwood floors, which is fine, if you like them, but I love the feeling of carpet on my feet.
  • Bookstores. I look forward to seeing English books everywhere. That’ll be incredible.

Well, that’s about it for now. Some of them are typical, while others aren’t. Any surprises? Let me know in the comments below.


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