Poof Goes the Perfect Post

Have you ever been thinking about what to post about on your blog, only to fall asleep and continue thinking about the post in a dream? That just happened to me when I put my daughter to bed. I ended up falling asleep next to her for about an hour. Just a bit sleepy today.

As for the post, my dream made it even better. It was going to be amazing, and lots of people will love it. Then I woke up, saw the time, and realised what had just happened. I remember my daughter falling asleep, then getting ready to get out of bed and back to the living. Except I fell asleep at that moment.  But when I woke up, that’s what my memory of the post came up quickly… then disappeared. My post idea, taken away by a forgotten dream. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Never fear, I’ve got lots of ideas for blog posts, book, and more. I’m just a bit sleepy.

Week in Review – January 16, 2016

What a week it’s been. First, David Bowie died, then Alan Rickman. And then tonight, my wife’s dog when she was a teenager died. Hopefully, this post will be a bit more uplifting and happy. Find out what you missed this week.

This week’s posts

We start off with something extreme, Extreme Learning. How much of a learner are you? What kind of learner are you? Can you be an Extreme Learner?

Big week for language test drives. This was the first: Test Driving Languages – Swedish. Not very difficult, and a lot like Norwegian. Find out what I thought.

The first of the surprising deaths this week was a big one. I thought he was strange, but I liked him when I was a kid. David Bowie Was an Oddity.

This week had the 12th, which means we celebrated the commenters. Find out who the top commenters were in Commentition Jovial January 2016.

This week also featured a new series. First, I posted a notice, Coming Soon: Top Ten Tuesday. It ended up being posted Thursday.

Another language, and the last Scandinavian and Germanic language I’ll be doing for quite some time. This time, find out what I thought in Test Driving Languages – Danish.

On the writing front, I was thinking about how we portray villains in novels. How should we experience The Antagonist Point of View? Know what they think, or be completely in the dark?

Finally, the first of the Top Ten lists came. It took me a while to write, so make sure you check out Top Ten Largest Moons.

And then the second of the big celebrity deaths. Same country, same age, same reason. And Now Alan Rickman.

Authors Answer 63 – We All Started Somewhere was next, which is right on schedule. We discussed how we started writing, and more specifically, what we wrote. Interesting answers.

And then, my last language of the week, one that’s completely different than any of the languages I’ve done recently. Find out what I thought in Test Driving Languages – Turkish.

On a light note, we found something we’d seen advertised on the internet, Sliced Chocolate, the New Processed Sliced Cheese. I have since tried it. It tastes like chocolate, and it’s actually much stiffer than a slice of cheese.

Our move to Canada keeps getting closer, and I keep thinking about what I get to do when we get to Canada. Find out what in The Anticipation of Going to Canada.

And finally, on a more ridiculous topic, it seems that people won’t stop trying to push their religion down other people’s throats. Interested? Read Prayer in Public School? It’s the Twenty-First Century!


I’ve made some progress, but honestly, not fast enough. I really need to concentrate more on reading. I’ve made advances in Ben Bova’s Mercury. Now at 25% finished. As for Keepers of Water, progress is slower. I’m now at 31% finished.


I did three test drives this week, moving them all to level 2 on Duolingo. They are Swedish, Danish, and Turkish. French continues to slowly advance while I do the test drives. Only three more test drives to go until I’m caught up, though another language appears to be coming along very soon.


It appears that my wife doesn’t need a visitor visa at all if she’s to go to Canada before her Permanent Residency is granted. She can stay for up to six months and is allowed to study, as long as it’s less than six months. The problem is proving that she won’t overstay and that she can afford to fly back to Japan before the end of her permitted stay.


I really should stop starting these courses when I’m busy. I haven’t done anything at all.

That’s all for this week. It’s been such an up and down week. Hopefully, your week has gone more smoothly. I think the next week will feature another Top Ten list, as well as an attempt at Polish, and perhaps Ukrainian. I need to learn Cyrillic before I can even attempt Ukrainian. Maybe I’ll even do a Worldbuilding post this week. I really do need to get to work on those. And I’d like to finally start on those videos about Japan.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.