It Snowed! And It’s a Mess

The first snow of the season. Doesn’t everyone look forward to that? I know I did, as long as it wasn’t too early. But in Japan, especially in the warmer areas, it’s not something to look forward to. Look.


It’s nothing but slush. To top it off, the snow changed to rain, and it’s causing trains to be delayed. I have to work today and take a train. Hopefully, it’s fine. I’ll be leaving early to get there.


The snow may look nice in some pictures, but believe me, it’s soaking wet. When my daughter was picked up to go to her nursery, she slipped on the driveway and got completely soaked. Good thing she has a couple changes of clothes in her bag.

Well, time to get ready for work and go.

Do you like snow? Do you look forward to the first snow of the year? Let me know.


12 thoughts on “It Snowed! And It’s a Mess”

  1. Snow? We got about 18 cm of snow last Wednesday. Then we got another 25-30 cm last night. It took my wife and I shoveling together for 2 hours to clear our driveway. It was up to our waist! That’s tomorrow’s post 🙂

  2. No, I do not like snow. Well, let me say I don’t like snow if I have to be out in it. Nor do I care for much of anything related to winter. We had our first snow a week or so ago. All gone now but due for 2 snows this week, up to about 12″ total they predict. I’m ready for spring! 😃

  3. I do like snow, although not the heavy, wet stuff you are having. I don’t like ice, though.

    We have had uncharacteristically sparse snowfall this year. While there is a blizzard raging in the mid-Atlantic US today, we aren’t getting snow here on the NY/PA border. Meanwhile my sister near Washington DC is getting two feet (0.6 meters) and my sister in New York City may be getting over a foot (0.35 meters).

    1. That’s a lot of snow. The southern islands of Japan are getting snow now, which is unusual. Even Okinawa, which is subtropical is supposed to have been getting a bit of snow.

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