Where We’re Moving – Edmonton

My family is moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It’s just over two months away. The time is going by quickly, so it’ll feel like we’ll be there in no time. I thought I’d introduce you to the city with video.

This is a good one. It shows the city in fifteen minutes, no speaking, just video.

And here’s a video of some of Edmonton’s best attractions. I think they missed out on some, like the Telus World of Science, Royal Alberta Museum, and Muttart Conservatory.

And this is under construction. It’s the new home of the Edmonton Oilers, as well as the two new tallest buildings in the city. The tallest will also be the tallest in Canada outside of Toronto.

After moving to Edmonton, I’ll be making my own videos, including ones about Edmonton attractions and our adjustment to life back in Canada.

See anything interesting?

8 thoughts on “Where We’re Moving – Edmonton”

  1. Cool! Question. Why did you choose Edmonton? My wife and I hope to one day move to Canada, but we have no idea where to look. We’re not wealthy, so we can’t afford places like Toronto and we would prefer a more medium sized city anyway, but there are so many choices. Since our families are on the East Coast, I guess we would prefer to stay on the eastern side of Canada. I lived in Nova Scotia as a child, but that was a long time ago. Since you undoubtedly know more about immigrating to Canadian cities, would you have any suggestions? Also, how difficult is it to immigrate to Canada? I haven’t started researching it yet cause it’s fairly far off in the future. Thank you.

    1. We chose Edmonton because that’s where my family lives. We’ll be living with my sister and mom. It’s an economic decision, and we’ll have a great support system there. We’ll have very low expenses because of it. I’m not sure where would be good for you, since things are kind of in a flux right now. Big changes happening across the country because of the low oil prices.

      I think the difficulty about immigrating to Canada is the wait. There’s a lot you need to prepare, of course, but it can take more than a year for a permanent resident family class visa to be approved. We still don’t have approval, even though we’re going to Canada in two months. Lots of paperwork, but it’s all done at one time. As I’m Canadian, there are no financial requirements for me to sponsor my wife. I just have to promise to support her financially for three years.

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