Evolving Tastes in Alcohol

For years, I preferred drinking beer. I still like beer. I probably drink it more than any other alcohol. However, I tend to drink maybe once a month, and that’s all.

Once I came to Japan, I started expanding my alcohol experience. Very early on (my fourth day in Japan), I was introduced to sake. Nihonshu, to be exact. And it was a kind of sake called Hakkaizan. That’s a pretty high quality, somewhat expensive sake that tastes great. Sake goes down smoothly, and is too easy to get drunk on. However, I never felt a hangover. It affects me quickly, but wears off quickly.

I’ve tried various kinds of wine, but I find them to be hit or miss. I’ve found I prefer white wine, and sparkling is good.

But in the past couple of years, I’ve found I’ve been attracted to Smirnoff Ice. And lately, it’s been available in more than just the basic lemon flavour, now there’s orange, grape, green apple, and my new favourite, brisk lemonade. I’m drinking it now, in fact.

Vodka, my new favourite alcohol. At least, I’m drinking the beer-level alcohol content vodka.

Do you have preferences for alcohol?


4 thoughts on “Evolving Tastes in Alcohol”

  1. My preference is alcohol in all forms – HA!
    No, but tastes do evolve. When I was 18 i was all jack n coke, then moved to pints of beer, then cider, vodka. When I moved to France I actually started drinking wine for the taste rather than the effect – can you believe that???! Then, after a period of nothing for several years, I developed a taste for gin. Mother’s ruin. Oh yes indeedy…

    1. Your tastes have definitely evolved. Would you believe my first drink in a bar when I was 18 was Long Island iced tea? I ordered that because I liked iced tea.

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