Week in Review – January 23, 2016

I’m going to simplify these posts starting now. For this week’s posts, you can simply check the archives. Honestly, they take a long time to go through and write up in these Week in Review posts, but I’d like to focus on information that is not easily found on this blog.

So, what has happened in the past week? I’ll update you!


It’s actually been a slow week for reading.  Ben Bova’s Mercury is now at 39% finished. I was hoping to be done reading it by now, since it’s not that long, and is a fairly easy book to read. R. G. Porter’s Keepers of Water is now at 34%. I go through eBooks slowly, as I only tend to read them when I’m on short bus or train trips, or while waiting for the train.


No fiction writing has been done. Only what you see on this blog. With the next couple months being the way they are, I won’t really have an opportunity to concentrate on writing. After the move to Canada, I should have a lot more time.


I didn’t even study French this week. I’ve been slacking. I tried out Polish, which was a difficult language to study. I also started studying Cyrillic, the alphabet used by Ukrainian and Russian. I need to know it before I try those languages.


My final schedule for March is now completely known to me, so I’ve let my company know.


I really need to work on the videos. Sorry it’s taken so long, but they do take a lot of time to edit, and with it being so cold in Japanese apartments in winter, I can’t sit still for that long. Our air conditioner isn’t strong enough to make it comfortable inside.

Anyway, I’ll be recording new videos soon, discussing our move, what we have to do with immigration, and so on. I’ll keep you up to date on that. The Taste of Japan videos will come. I have 29 to post. And I have the Life in Japan series to do, which are basically answering readers’ questions.

The Blog

There isn’t much in the way of news here. But I’d like to mention that when March comes around, I’ll find it a bit difficult to update like I normally do. Especially around the end of March and beginning of April. We’ll be out of our apartment, traveling, and going to many different places, so I won’t be able to blog regularly for that period of time. Authors Answer will continue, as I’ll be scheduling the posts.


I should’ve known I wouldn’t get to this. I don’t think I’ll be finishing the course. Or even starting it. It’ll be available again in the future, though.

The Next Week’s Goals

I plan to have a couple book reviews finally finished. Maybe one video recorded and posted. Also, expect the revival of my parenting blog, which I plan to update weekly or biweekly.

How about you? What have you accomplished this week? Let me know in the comments below.


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