My Unusual Goal – Kumquats

I have a desire for something a bit unusual. I want to grow kumquats.

KumquatWhat exactly are kumquats, you ask? They’re a small citrus fruit native to Asia, and they’re quite different from other citrus fruits. You can eat them whole. You don’t peel them at all. The peel is sweet, while the inside is sour. It tastes pretty good.

But I want to grow them. They’re able to grow in colder climates, but they can only tolerate down to -10 degrees Celsius. That means I couldn’t grow them outside in Canada. I’d have to grow them inside. But that’s okay, I’ve attempted growing oranges when I was a kid. I didn’t get any fruit, but the tree lived. I’m curious to see if I can get any fruit. If so, we can eat them.

Do you have any unusual goals? Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “My Unusual Goal – Kumquats”

  1. My dad grows kumquats. They are easy to grow in the south, plenty of sun and water. Unusual goals? Hmmmmm let me think. I love Chinese food. I have a wok and a few cookbooks, but I would love to be a master with the wok. I’d also love to read a Chinese menu! Sad thing, I’m terrible with languages, I barley speak English.

    1. I’ve tried cooking some Chinese food. In Japan, there are a lot of Chinese foods that have been adapted and are often considered Japanese now. It’s a popular kind of food here that a lot of people can cook.

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