Blogging Versus Writing Books

I blog. I write books. I haven’t finished a book. I don’t think I know what finishing a blog is like. Finishing a blog post, yes. But a blog? I don’t think they really have a conclusion.

There are differences, but there are some similarities. Of course, the biggest differences are that blogs tend to be informal, lack editors, don’t require any publishers, and can be updated at any time. Books are more permanent, are sold through vendors, have a story, and actually have a conclusion.

But there are similarities, too. They can both be non-fiction or fiction. They can both have pictures. They both allow writers to express themselves. And they can both make you money.

These are just some similarities and differences. There are many. And sometimes they complement each other. You can use a blog to sell books. You can publish excerpts on your blog. You can advertise your blog or website in your books, which can allow readers to see what else you write.

How do you think writing books and blogging are different or similar? Let’s talk about it in the comments (on this blog about books)!

31 thoughts on “Blogging Versus Writing Books”

  1. I agree with your differences and similarities 🙂 Another difference to me personally is that I have the attention span to write a blog, but definitely not to complete a book!

  2. Uhm… mainly… LENGTH! You need some serious stamina to finish a book. A blog post or a magazine article can be completed in a few days (some can do it in a day, I don’t seem to be able to, though).

    Though I write virtually every day coz that’s my job, I’ve never written a book and I doubt I ever will. I think I started one once about fifteen years ago 😉

    1. I think length is an obvious difference. I tend to write at least two blog posts per day, but I’m not writing professionally or for articles. If I do write a more in-depth post, it does take me quite some time to write it, though.

        1. Two isn’t bad when you get into it. And most of my posts are shorter. Though, I tend to ask a lot of questions and find out what people’s opinions are. I try to generate a lot of discussion. Two years ago, I started posting once a day. I knew I could handle it after doing a post a day for a month a couple times. Last year, I committed to writing two posts a day. I actually succeeded doing it for the entire year. I didn’t miss a day. January 29th was my 394th consecutive day of posting twice a day. That streak will end in March, though. Maybe. Depends on my access to wi-fi when we’re moving to Canada.

  3. Definitely lots if differences. I’ve never written a book but I write lots of travel articles for magazines. There’s loads more research needed and I find my language far more formal. I definitely love the blogging platform and the personal aspect. Can’t be too personal in an article although I do try and let my voice and personality come out a bit. Great post, thanks.

    1. Thanks. I agree. I’ve written a few posts for an online travel magazine’s blog, and I was more formal for those. I didn’t continue long with it, though. Their posting system was horrific. Very user unfriendly.

  4. Both blogging and book writing draw on my writing HP (or should I say mana? Gamer dork, sorry!), but I definitely feel more satisfaction after finishing a story than finishing a blog post though there is definite satisfaction. I use blogging to review other books, movies, games, music etc., but I also use it for essays about all of the same. I have a need to both write creatively and also be an essayist so I try to balance my time between. I definitely use my blog to promote any of my writing be it original or fanfiction so there’s quite a bit of crossover.

    1. I’m pretty similar to you in how I use my blog. I do book reviews (eventually movies and TV series) and talk a lot about writing, science, education, and life in Japan. But I promote as much as I can, but not to the point that it’s annoying. I have no good times to write fiction at the moment, due to lack of privacy and no comfortable place to write without interruptions (that will change in a couple months). Blogging is my focus now, but writing fiction will take a much bigger chunk of my time later this year.

      1. Oh that is the worst…not having the “space” to write. My apartment is small, but I know Japan has very limited living space. I think with blogging you can at least get your voice out there even if it’s not necessarily what or all you need to say.

        1. Yeah, the space can be tight. Our apartment isn’t that bad, though. But we don’t really have our own writing spaces. My wife and I both blog, but her computer is on the dining table, and mine is on a small table in the living room. I have a comfortable seat, but my computer is low, and I can’t spend a long time writing before getting uncomfortable.

            1. I have a laptop, but I really don’t feel comfortable having it on my legs, on the bed, or anywhere else like that. Limited table space here. On the floor is awkward.

    1. Certainly not with a free WordPress blog. You have to pay to be able to advertise, and then you can get revenue from advertising. Not sure I’d want to do that, though. I’m going to monetize my YouTube channel, though 🙂

          1. Yes, although he needs to be able to get his followers to re-subscribe on the new platform. It will be a trick with over 55,000 of them. I subscribe by daily email digest, but will need to be more careful to click through the links, as, I assume, clicks now equal dollars, or, more accurately, fractions of a cent.

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