Two Months Until Canada

Two months.  Sixty days. In that short amount of time, we’ll be in Canada. With it being in the depths of winter, I’m often thinking about what it’ll be like in Canada. The two biggest things I think about are weather and food.

At that time of year, Vancouver’s weather should be somewhat similar to here, just wetter. Maybe a little cooler. But cherry trees will be blooming in both countries at the same time. That’ll be a nice sight to see. But our trip to Edmonton may be a snowy one. Since we’ll be going through the mountains by car, it could be snowy. But it might not be. Spring in Canada is unpredictable. I’m just hoping for nice weather so we’re not stuck inside.

Food is the other thing I think of. I keep wanting to eat at Harvey’s or having Canadian Chinese food.

Well, since there are two months to go, lots to do. Cleaning, packing, tying up loose ends. My biggest worry is sending our suitcases to the airport. I guess we’ll have them sent there and they’ll hold them until we get to the airport.

But for now, a couple more months of work. And that’s where I have to go now. Any suggestions for food I should eat in Canada?


15 thoughts on “Two Months Until Canada”

        1. I’m not very familiar with much in Vancouver. The only things I’ve visited multiple times are Stanley Park, Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen, although the ferry terminals aren’t actually in Vancouver.

            1. I don’t remember places I’ve eaten in Vancouver, except for one ramen restaurant. I love food, but I don’t travel for it. I want to see the sights.

    1. Well, it’s where I’m from, so I usually feel it’s nothing special. But I think this time, it’s different, because I haven’t been there in five years.

        1. Yeah, we do. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to eat when I get there. Food is something I miss from Canada. The food in Japan is great, but there are things I can’t get here.

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