Week in Review – February 6, 2016

Let me just start off by saying that the view stats for this month have been incredibly high. What is going on? The amount of activity shot up so much, I’m surprised it’s actually managing to stay high all week (except for one day). Thanks everyone! So, let’s find out what else is happening this week.


I finished reading Mercury by Ben Bova today. And I’ll be starting The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis tomorrow. It’s a pretty short book, so I should finish it quickly. Keepers of Water is now at 37%, which is a slight increase.


Nothing to report, as I’m not planning on writing anything until after we’ve settled in at our new home in Canada. However, my mind is constantly thinking about what I’m planning to write, and I keep having new ideas.


I caught up on my French studies, as I’d been neglecting it a bit. I’m going to start moving forward on that. I also plan on doing a Test Drive of Welsh soon. I still need to learn Cyrillic for Ukrainian and Russian.


Lots done this week with making sure our utilities and insurance are cancelled when we move out late next month. Next thing to do is to work on cleaning and packing. We have to send another set of boxes to Canada. More books to pack up! Also, I’m going to start looking for a new job soon. Must brush up my resume. This is one thing that I’m not looking forward to. I’m not sure what the current style for resumes is in Canada.


I made another video, but it was just a quick one showing a mejiro (or Japanese white-eye) in a blooming plum tree. It’s only been viewed 4 times! Check it out.

The Blog

I’ve got another thing starting up. I’m going to start doing blog responses to posts on other blogs and linking back to the original post. I think some people misunderstood in the post I made earlier today about this. I will be writing new posts based on the original post’s topic. I will be replying to it. Not a comment, not a reblog. But an entirely new blog post.


Nothing happening here. I should have more time after going to Canada. In fact, I’ll be taking a course about teaching English, so I can get my CELTA certification.

The Next Week’s Goals

I’m going to continue exploring other people’s blogs, commenting on them, and subscribing to them. I want to expand my blog network a lot, and hopefully make some new friends in the process. I’m also hoping to get the delayed Top Ten post done, as well as get a Quick Facts post up. And maybe a video.

How was your week? Any big plans for the next week?

Should I Respond to Your Blog Post?

I’m going to start doing something new on this blog. Not reblog. Those don’t get read very much. I’m going to respond to other people’s blog posts.

I’m going to link to the original blog post that I feel needs to be responded to, and write what I think about the topic. I will respond to anything about writing, books, science, environment, and sometimes current events. I will respond to some things I agree with, and I will tackle some posts I completely disagree with. I want to show another side of an argument or add on to a topic I think is important.

And to start things off, I’m going to take requests. If you have a blog post you’d like me to respond to, let me know in the comments below. Preferably your blog post, but I’ll take other suggestions, too. Looking forward to seeing what you want me to respond to.

Oh No, Jay Dee’s Doing Another Blog, a Food Blog

This is nothing new. I mentioned this sometime last year that I’d like to do a blog about Japanese restaurants in Edmonton. More specifically, I wanted to review restaurants and rate them taste and the atmosphere of the restaurant, but also focus on the authenticity.

Well, I want to expand that idea, since there isn’t a really huge number of Japanese restaurants in Edmonton. I decided I’d focus on the two kinds of food I love: Asian food and hamburgers. Odd mixture, isn’t it?  Well, for the Asian foods, I’d like to try out Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Indian restaurants. And at the same time, try out various hamburger restaurants. While I do this, there will be a feature about authentic Japanese cuisine in the city.

What am I doing making yet another blog? Well, most of my other blogs are either on hiatus or retired. And this food blog won’t be updated as frequently as the blog you’re reading this on. I’ll update whenever I go to a restaurant, and that’s about it.

Comments are very welcome. What do you think of the idea? Let me know!