The Global Community of Blogging

I love to connect with people from all around the world. I’m curious about different cultures and enjoy speaking to people who are from different backgrounds than I am. It’s fascinating. And I feel that the better we know each other, and the more we understand that many of us have the same feelings and thoughts, the better the world will be.

Blogging has allowed me to talk to people from different countries. Of course, I live in Japan, and most of the visitors to this blog are American, Canadian, British, and Australian, but there are many representatives of India, Singapore, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Russia, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Nigeria. But there are more from many other countries who drop by here.

So, I’d like to ask you where you’re from. Which country are you from, and where do you live now? Also, where have you been and made friends? Let’s see how global we are. Answer in the comments below.

27 thoughts on “The Global Community of Blogging”

  1. I am from England and live with my husband in Somerset. I have been in order of visiting : Germany, Portugal, Jersey (channel islands), Vermont x3, Texus, India, Turkey, Malta, Italy x4, France x7, Hawaii, Canada x2 and Switzerland. And* whispers* don’t tell anyone I was 49 before I took my first flight.

      1. I missed off the Caribbean. .. sorry hope i haven’t messed up your post. We love to be part of the world and don’t as a rule do the touristy bits. But iy was hard to see some of the Caribbean Islands without the hotspot touriat places, as for some that is all they have.

  2. I am from the Netherlands currently living in Australia with our children and my German husband whom I met in Sweden. Our wedding guests were Dutch, German, Swedes, French, Turkish and Japanese. Is that global enough?

  3. I am from the United States, raised in Massachusetts, but resident of New York State most of my adult life. I haven’t done much international travel. One of my brothers-in-law is from India and my son-in-law is British of Filipino descent.

      1. I do like the Northeast. I love the hills and the seasons. I am not a fan of hot weather, so I don’t want to move south. I’m not sure if we will move when my husband retires. One factor will be where our daughters settle.

        1. Right. It’s good to be near the kids, right? I often think about what will happen in the future when my daughter goes to university or begins a career or gets married. Where will she be?

          1. Given that we have my parents and my husband’s mom settled near us, we will definitely stay put until they have all passed. Because my son-in-law is British, we aren’t sure whether they will settle in the US or a Commonwealth country. My younger daughter is likely to be in the US but could be anywhere. It’s all a mystery. With you daughter being so young, it is even more of a mystery!

            1. Yeah. With my daughter being a dual citizen, she may decide to move to Japan someday. But in Japan, once you reach 20 years old, you must choose which citizenship to keep.

            2. I remember you posting about that. There is a large community of immigrants from Asia in Canada, isn’t there? I realize your daughter is already a citizen, not an immigrant. My brother-in-law who is a US immigrant from India has a brother who immigrated to Canada.

  4. I am was born in Sydney, Australia. I have lived in England, Japan. I have visited France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Hawaii, Pago-Pago, Fiji, Western Samoa, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, pretty much every state in the US. I presently live in Fresno, California (not the most exciting place – but it is where my job is).

    1. I think I’ve heard many people joke about Fresno.

      You’ve been to many places. I’d love to visit every state in the US, every province in Canada, and every prefecture in Japan. Also, every state and territory in Australia.

  5. Hola! I live in Mexico, but I spent my childhood in Austin, Texas. Living in Mexico, I have met people from the United States, France, Germany, and Austria. I just discovered your blog through Harsh Reality’s Meet and Greet and I love reading about your life in Japan.

  6. I’m French. I live in Japan. I have lived in the US. I have visited 22 countries and I have friends who are from many countries (never counted, but probably more than 20). 🙂

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