From East to West: 41 Days – Favourite Restaurants

Here’s the next video. Two in twelve hours! This time, we went to a local restaurant that happens to be in the Michelin Guide. The food is great. Enjoy.

If you’re interested in trying out this restaurant, here is their website, which includes a map. They’re only open from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday.


Look good? What do you think?

13 thoughts on “From East to West: 41 Days – Favourite Restaurants”

  1. it looks like if u dont speak or read japanese, you will find it hard to live in japan. the menu is all in japanese. how do those who dont read it cope? i bet the waiters/resses speak only japanese too. you can enjoy all this because u speak their language well. but god help those who cannot.

    1. It’s actually not so bad if you don’t know Japanese. Most menus have pictures of everything. This place doesn’t. I can’t read everything in the menu, though. Most of the Chinese characters are unintelligible to me. And I don’t speak Japanese well. Just enough to be able to get by.

      1. thanks for pointing out that most other places have pictures of the food. it might make some of us wanting to visit japan on our own, rather than with a tour group, feel better able to cope.

          1. oh, do they have those plastic replicas of food? here in london, i dont see that anymore. pictures of food in the shop windows yes, though not in the menu which they hand out at the table itself. and no other language except english. we here give no concessions to foreigners who dont speak or read english. haha. i wonder how anyone who dont speak english cope when they are in uk. though i cant imagine if u dont speak english how do u convey which dish in the window u want? haha. so the same in japan. do u drag the waitress outside to point to the plastic plate u want to order? haha.

            1. My mom actually used the plastic food display to point out what she wanted to me before we ordered. I ordered for her, though.

              Canada’s mostly the same. No other languages in restaurants in English speaking parts of the country.

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