Science Sunday – To Mars In a Few Days

NASA 360 released a video about a week ago talking about new propulsion technology that could propel a robotic space probe to Mars in only a few days. To send a larger manned spacecraft to Mars, it would take about a month. That’s a lot better than the few months it already takes to send a space probe there.

How is it done? Lasers. This video introduces the concept, but you have to go elsewhere to watch the full talk.

Here’s the full talk in Seattle last year. There are several videos that cover different aspects of this topic.

What do you think of this topic? Would you like to see this technology happen? Let me know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Science Sunday – To Mars In a Few Days”

  1. Mars in a few days would certainly make the plot of THE MARTIAN less intense haha. What a way to date a book, huh? Kids will be reading it in the future all like “It took HOW LONG to get to Mars back then? Wtf?”

    1. Well, it wouldn’t be possible to send humans to Mars in a few days. The acceleration would likely kill them 🙂 Robotic missions for now, until we can figure out some way to defy basic physics 🙂

  2. Cutting the human mission travel to a month each way would hugely simplify the process, though. We have data for weightlessness for the mission lengths needed from the space station.

        1. They have a few ideas. Electromagnetic shielding is probable, though a shell of water around a spacecraft would work, too. However, the water would be heavy and reduce the acceleration of the spacecraft.

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