A Day at a Hot Spring Resort

This is just a preview. I’m not posting all the pictures. I have a lot of photos to show you and there’ll be videos to add to A Taste of Japan.

We’re in Izu, which is a peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, and it’s famous for its resorts and hot springs (onsen). We’re staying in one. We first went to Kawazu, a town famous for Kawazu cherry blossoms, which are almost in full bloom. Here’s a picture of cherry blossoms and rapeseed.


We found a foot bath, too. We tried it out. Here are my feet.


We also had lunch before the cherry blossoms. I had udon with kinmedai, which is a fish that’s similar to red snapper. Delicious! It’s famous in Izu.


We went to Ito city next to check into our hotel. It’s in Izu-Atagawa, which has a ridiculous number of hot spring resorts. Here’s my daughter in her jinbei.


We then went down to the baths. These hot spring baths are split into men’s and women’s. My father-in-law and I went into the men’s, of course. If you know anything about Japanese hot springs, then you know people go in naked. But it was no problem for me. And of course, no pictures!

After that, we had a traditional Japanese dinner. I lost count how many courses it was. I’ll only show you one thing I ate. This:


It’s wagyuu! That’s expensive Japanese beef. Delicious!

Then my wife and I went down the street to an outdoor hot spring that was right at the sea. I mean, we could get out of the bath and take three steps into the ocean. However, the interesting thing about this hot spring is that it’s mixed. Men and women together! So, there I was in a hot spring next to the ocean under the moonlight with a few naked men and women. It wasn’t bad. I guess that’s what a naturist resort would be like.

We went back to the hotel, and this is what we did soon:


Tomorrow, another day of baths, and I think we’re seeing alligators and bananas.

Comments are definitely welcome.

4 thoughts on “A Day at a Hot Spring Resort”

    1. There’ll be a lot more in the videos that I post (in a couple months or so. Huge video backlog). I may post a more complete review of the holiday with more pictures. I took a lot of photos, though they’ll probably go on my Japan blog.

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