What Ancient Rome Really Looked Like

I’m very interested in ancient cultures and all we have that tells us how things used to look are ruins, some art, and some descriptions by people who lived during those times. There’s a project called Rome Reborn that allows us to see what Rome most likely looked like in 320 AD.

I found this video at this website.

The video is quite fascinating, but it makes me wonder about other places. For example, what did ancient Athens look like? Or Constantinople? Or London a few hundred years ago? Or Paris? How about Edo during the time that Edo Castle was still towering over the city? What did Angkor Wat look like when it was in its heyday? Or Machu Picchu? Or Tenochtitlan? So many to wonder about.

What other ancient cities would you like to see recreated in this way? Let me know in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “What Ancient Rome Really Looked Like”

  1. What fascinates me is that Ancient Greece (and even Rome to an extent) is to us what Ancient Egypt was to them. There’s as much time between Greece and Egypt as there is between us and Greece.

    1. Well, there was also Ancient Egypt at the same time as Ancient Rome and Greece 🙂 But you’re right, the pyramids are much older. But Cleopatra’s time was the same time as Ancient Greece and Rome, though Rome is more recent, I think.

      1. Jay Dee, the thing is that the Egyptian civilization as we usually see it (the pharaohs, and all that) was pretty much done for at the time of the Athenian Republic and definitely, during the Roman Empire.
        Cleopatra’s culture has nothing to do with that Egypt, and was closer to the Greek Civilization (actually the Ptolemaic Egypt can be seen as a descendant of the Athenian civilization much more than of the Ancient Egyptian one). It’s really an offshoot of Alexander’s Empire.
        Ancient Egypt the way we usually understand it, ends roughly in the years -300 (but really it lasted 2000 years, so it’s not one civilization but a succession of several, a bit like the our Western civilization nowadays is still some sort of remnant of the Roman Civilization (sort of)).

        And yes, Roman and Greek civilizations are not contemporary to each other.
        The peak of Greek Civilization is roughly the years -500, while the Roman Civilization is roughly -100 to 450 (I’m not counting the Byzantine Empire here).

        1. Well, yes. I knew all that. Just was feeling a bit lazy when typing that post. I was in the mood for sleep more than the post, actually.

          I’m a bit of a history geek, and considering doing a series of posts about various ancient civilisations.

    1. Different countries have their own version of history. But with everything being recorded these days, I think that kind of thing will be over.

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