Using LinkedIn More Effectively

I think it’s time to improve my LinkedIn profile and expand my network. I’m going to start using the social network to promote myself professionally, as well as this blog and my writing. But I’m thinking about how to do that.

First of all, if you’re interested in connecting with me, you can find my profile here and add me as a connection.

Secondly, I need to flesh out my profile. That includes past jobs, responsibilities, write more about my education, and more. But another thing I’m thinking about doing is starting a group related to this blog. But what should I do with it? Should I make it about this blog? Or should it be about Authors Answer? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Canada – What I’m Not Looking Forward To

I think this is going to be an interesting list. I love living in Japan, but I also love Canada. When I left Canada almost eleven years ago, there were some things that irritated me about Canada. But those have mostly been forgotten. However, this is what I’m not looking forward to about Canada.

  • Winter – I don’t like the cold.
  • Some TV – Even though variety shows in Japan were kind of stupid, they were still more entertaining than a lot of the shows in Canada.
  • Cell phone plan prices and data restrictions.
  • Cell phone roaming charges. No roaming in Japan!
  • Internet speeds. Japan’s are the fastest in the world.
  • Public transportation system. I want trains! But at least driving is better in Canada.
  • Fish freshness.
  • The sushi, lack of authentic gyudon (beef bowl), and no Japanese style curry rice.
  • Country music. Can’t stand it.
  • Urban sprawl. Let’s get some density.
  • Often featureless countryside in the prairies.
  • Obsession and defense of the oil industry.

Well, those are a few things. Canadian readers, anything you don’t like about Canada?

Cities: Skylines – A New Way to Eat Up My Free Time

I’ve been a big fan of the SimCity games, and in particular SimCity 4. I got that game in around 2004, and played it extensively for several years until my daughter managed to get the game CD out of its case and covered it with food. It was also a bit scratched up. So, there went my ability to create and run cities.

Then, tonight, I was looking on YouTube, and came across this video:

I think I’m going to immerse myself in a few of these videos. Cities: Skylines looks like the perfect replacement for SimCity 4! I love the look of it. It looks far more realistic. And the After Dark expansion looks great. I really want to see it on day and night cycles. And the ability to do cinematic flyovers makes me feel like I’ve found the perfect city simulator.

There’s a catch, though. The minimum requirements seem to exceed my computer’s CPU. But that’s okay. I do plan on getting a new computer when I can afford to. One that’s built for games like this.

Anyone heard of this game or enjoy city simulation games? Let me know in the comments below.