Canada – What I’m Not Looking Forward To

I think this is going to be an interesting list. I love living in Japan, but I also love Canada. When I left Canada almost eleven years ago, there were some things that irritated me about Canada. But those have mostly been forgotten. However, this is what I’m not looking forward to about Canada.

  • Winter – I don’t like the cold.
  • Some TV – Even though variety shows in Japan were kind of stupid, they were still more entertaining than a lot of the shows in Canada.
  • Cell phone plan prices and data restrictions.
  • Cell phone roaming charges. No roaming in Japan!
  • Internet speeds. Japan’s are the fastest in the world.
  • Public transportation system. I want trains! But at least driving is better in Canada.
  • Fish freshness.
  • The sushi, lack of authentic gyudon (beef bowl), and no Japanese style curry rice.
  • Country music. Can’t stand it.
  • Urban sprawl. Let’s get some density.
  • Often featureless countryside in the prairies.
  • Obsession and defense of the oil industry.

Well, those are a few things. Canadian readers, anything you don’t like about Canada?

30 thoughts on “Canada – What I’m Not Looking Forward To”

      1. Oh, I definitely feel you there. My old plan was 1.5 GB, which isn’t much, but the special trick of the plan was that social media apps didn’t count toward your data usage. But when I got my new phone I had to get a new plan (unless I wanted to spend a grand all at once), and the new plan only as 1 GB and the social media DOES count. So, basically, I go over my data two or three times every time I’m out West, just on using Skype to talk to the kid. >.>

        1. We may be going with something like a 50 GB group plan between all of us. This allows us to share the limit. But in any case, I’ll be using wi-fi as much as I can.

            1. Man, I’d have to see that myself too. The largest data plan I can find (that’s available in Nova Scotia, anyway) is 20 GB, and that’s $90/month JUST for the data…not counting the other charges for, like, being able to make phone calls and stuff. 😛

            2. I really am not looking forward to cell phone plans in Canada, some of the most expensive in the world. Greedy companies, I’d say.

            3. Oh, it’s totally outrageous. The bill for my phone alone is about $90, and the second I go over my data it’s another $15, and that doesn’t include any kind of long distance plan at all. In fact, when other people call ME, it still costs ME long distance. It’s probably the worst plan I’ve ever had, but there are just no frikkin’ options these days.

            4. Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve never heard of anyone else having that same problem. I really should dig up my contract and see if it mentions anything about that because it’s pretty f’ed.

            5. Yeah, you won’t be able to handle that for very long. lol
              We were actually talking about cell plans at work last week, and from the sounds of it the plans in Alberta are way better than the ones in Nova Scotia. I would have thought that the same company would have the same basic plans across the country, but apparently not and this is one of those situations in which Nova Scotia gets screwed again. 😛

            6. Sounds like we’re going with a family plan. If someone doesn’t use their data allowance, it can be used by other family members. That’ll be nice.

            7. Yeah, that works out pretty well. The only reason I don’t go with that is that I use so much data when I’m at work that I’d just eat up all of Jason’s and then we’d BOTH be going over the limit. lol

            8. That’s one thing that my work site is missing that would be ridiculously welcome. I kinda understand why they don’t have it…there’d probably be half as much work actually getting done…but since the time difference means that I HAVE to Skype my daughter from the site (during break obviously), my data gets devoured pretty frikkin’ fast.

            9. Yeah…it wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the time difference and the hours we work. Because of those my daughter is getting ready for school when I’m awake in the morning getting ready for work, and by the time I get back to camp in the evening she’s in bed and probably been asleep for an hour or so, so I can’t use the camp internet to call. Instead I have to call her during my afternoon break, which means I’m physically at site where the only option is to use my data. Very frustrating. I’m already over my limit for April, and I’ve got a week left of my shift. >.>

            10. That’s not good. Gets expensive, I would imagine. Do you have to pay roaming charges, or does your plan allow you to call and use data anywhere in Canada?

  1. Canadian public transportation sucks, especially in the big cities where people would really benefit from it. Driving wouldn’t be nearly as bad if it weren’t for the price of gas and, of course winter. I went for a nice long walk today in -18C with the wind chill. …yeah, I could do without that too. Though 45C is a bit much too. What else could I do without? Nothing really that a Tim’s coffee wouldn’t fix. 😛

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