Your Reading and Writing Goals So Far

The year is only into the third month, but I think it’s time to assess how my reading and writing are going.

Of course, I haven’t done any writing other than on this blog. I haven’t expected to do any writing. So, I really don’t have much to say here other than that I plan to start writing seriously next month.

Reading, on the other hand, I’ve been pretty slow. Up until mid-February, I was doing fine. I was on pace to read twenty-five books this year. Now, I’m two books behind. The book I’m reading right now is highly technical and nearly seven hundred pages long. I don’t get a lot done each day. I doubt I’ll finish it this month. I should have a lot more time to read in Canada…I hope. Maybe I can catch up.

How about you? Where are you in your reading and writing goals this year? Are you on pace? Behind? Ahead? Share in the comments below.


17 thoughts on “Your Reading and Writing Goals So Far”

  1. I made a Goodreads goal to read 20 books this year. I didn’t make my goal of 25 last year so I reduced it. In retrospect, I think I should’ve brought it down to 12 (one a month). I have completed two so far this year, and I’m currently (still) reading four. I’m behind…as usual. I try to review as many books as I possibly can, which of course saps into my reading time.

    As for writing goals, I am behind in those as well. I meant to finish my WIP back in November/December. I’m hoping to finish it by the end of March (not including editing). Then reedit/resubmit a short story I wrote a few years ago, and then start the great re (ad naseum) edit of my original novel.

    Because I only have so many hours and a limited amount of energy, the reading and writing are vying for my time, but for now the reading must suffer a bit so I can push through with completing this story. I still read a bit of at least one of the books per day though!

    1. I was going to be finished my web serial by now, but trying to do it with a kid around and no privacy is nearly impossible. I’ll have that privacy starting next month! If I don’t have it at home, I can go to the library, which isn’t only a few minutes away on foot.

      1. I have plans for my YouTube account, too beyond the few slideshows I’ve made, but I need to get the proper equipment and do some much needed editing on the videos I’ve already made.

        That will be one advantage of Canada definitely!

          1. I still need to watch your videos! I’m sure you’re very interesting. At least I’ll be interested; you’ve travelled and lived far more places than I ever have so just that experience alone makes for intrigue πŸ™‚

            1. Thanks. I’ve been wondering what I can do as a focus for my channel, and it’s going to be a combination of books/writing and travel. Huge number of Japan travel videos coming.

  2. I don’t have any reading goals so I’m right on track with that one. I read a bit each night at bedtime but the book I’m reading is slow going because I’m so tired when I get to bed I only get a few pages read before I start doing the “head bob”. My writing goals are on par as I only would like to be writing every day for the blog.

  3. I’m super behind of course, but in my defense I started a new job shortly after new years so I’ve been adjusting to my work schedule. I’ve been reading a little, and I’ve reread one book and gotten a good chunk of the way through another. I’d like to read at least 1 book per month, preferably more, but considering I was starting a new job I’m not too upset with myself.

  4. This would entail my having goals in the first place! I do always wish I was spending more time writing, though. Unfortunately, there have been multiple personal and family health issues this year which have had to take precedence.

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