An Update on Our Move to Canada

Cleaning is progressing! But still so much to do. Also, the electronic travel authorization, which I mentioned before, is a topic in my most recent video. Check it out below.

With just two weeks until we move out, we have to get busy with the packing. Much of the cleaning will come after everything’s been removed from the apartment. With our cleaning and full move out done by the 25th, we’ll have four days to see friends and do as much as we can before we fly to Canada. I’m looking forward to those days, but it’ll be really hard to leave Japan and all those friends.


7 thoughts on “An Update on Our Move to Canada”

    1. Yeah. Even my last apartment, I thought it was difficult to leave it. I didn’t want to leave the neighbourhood, I loved it so much. I still feel like I’m going back home whenever I’m there.

    1. It’ll be exciting to be back in Canada, at least until the honeymoon period wears off. Then I’ll be wishing I were back in Japan teaching English. That is unless I love my new job, whatever that may be.

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