The Breaking of a Streak

It was bound to happen. After one year, two months, and eight days, my streak of two posts per day has ended. Only one post on March 9th. But am I disappointed? Not really.

I knew that this month would be the month to break my streak, so I wasn’t concerned about it. And it’s really not important. Are you concerned about it? I hope not. But at least I’m not breaking my post a day streak, which now stands at more than two years! I have not missed a single day since my sister visited Japan two years ago. That’s pretty good.

Now that this streak has been broken, I can freely post away without worrying about it. Some things I need to do over the next two weeks include four book reviews! I really need to do that. And also, continue doing videos. I need to liven them up a bit. Actually, some videos about Japan would be good. I wonder if I can get one done.

Anyway, leave a comment. Anything you like. I’m not particularly specific in this post, so you can comment on any topic. What’s up with you?


15 thoughts on “The Breaking of a Streak”

  1. Haha, I’m proud of myself if I can update my blog just a couple times a week! It’s pretty amazing that you were able to post twice a day for so long; even just once a day is impressive, if you ask me. 🙂

  2. Wow, one post every so often seems good to me. I’m impressed that you have posted twice a day for so long but once a day is still very good as long as you’re posting. Very well done my friend.

    1. Thank you very much! I thought it would be difficult to maintain this pace when I started, but I found that once I got into it, it wasn’t so difficult. It became part of my daily routine.

        1. Well, you could give it a shot. I started off with a year doing one post a day, then a year doing two a day. This year, I intended to maintain two a day, but you know what happened. Oh well, I still plan to do the rest of the year (except maybe the end of this month) at two a day.

      1. Not 16 emails, but 16 posts in the one daily digest email. You may have published them over two days in your time zone, but they landed within the 24 hours that I have set for my time zone for digest delivery.

          1. That is so weird. Every weekend, I get a huge number of posts in my daily digest from you. They aren’t repeats of posts from the ones I have seen earlier in the week in my digests. I wonder if, somehow, some of your posts earlier in the week get skipped from my digest and tossed into the weekend.

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