Commentition Moving March 2016

Moving, get it? I’m moving this month. Well, the month of February had a whopping 1,017 comments, so the whole face of Commentition changed. This month, there are some more changes, including a new person, a returning person, and a drop in ranks. Let’s see who’s in the top six this month.

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  464 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. Still in the number one position, though without that incredibly commanding lead, we have Joanne Corey with 82 comments! Her most recent post is about another blog, actually. Check out The strength of honeycombs.

2. Coming in second place is stom…no, wait. Where is he? Huh. Well, coming in second place is last month’s phenomenal newcomer, Gradmama2011 with 75 comments! Her most recent post is a reblog, though she does write her own little poem in Twins! Reblog from Autumn Ambles.

3. I found him. In third place, we have stomperdad, with 60 comments. Nothing like a prolific newcomer to shake things up with the rankings. Well, his number of comments hasn’t really changed. He does a lot of blogging about parenting, and the most recent post is no exception. This time, he answers his kids’ questions in Go Ask Your Father: ISS, Light Pollution, Traffic Lights, and Yogurt.

4. In fourth place is one of last month’s newcomers. Which one is it? It’s Miriam! She had 59 posts. Her most recent post is all about murals. I can relate to this, as I’ve lived in a town known for its murals, and have visited another that has a lot. Check out Urban Art in Nar Nar Goon.

5. In fifth place, we have a returning regular! She was a bit busy the previous month, so she wasn’t able to come around to post, but she’s back! S. R. Carrillo had 24 comments. Her most recent post is all about last month, a big summary of what she did. Go see February 2016. Find out what she was up to!

6. And finally, in sixth place, we have a newcomer! With 22 comments, say hello to The Shameful Narcissist! Her blog has a lot of variety. Her most recent post is all about writing. Check out Question of the Week: 3/6/16.

And that is it for Commentition from Japan! Next time around, I’ll be doing it from Canada. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments. I’m looking forward to seeing how things change for next month. And of course, comments are always welcome!

19 thoughts on “Commentition Moving March 2016”

  1. Nice commentition! Nice to see another commenter slip into the top ranks. Way to go Gradmama2011. I guess it’s time to take my spot back now that I’ve shared it for a while.

          1. I am not going to be reading and commenting much in the immediate future. You may have noticed that I haven’t been around the last few days. My mother-in-law died suddenly on Tuesday, so I will be away from blogging other than an occasional post and answering my own comments.

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