Duolingo, You’re Drunk

I love Duolingo. It’s a great system for learning new languages. The focus is on grammar and vocabulary, with a bit of listening and possible pronunciation. It can get you to a low intermediate level for speaking, but it can really help with your reading skills. But sometimes, Duolingo can be a bit of a comedian.

I’m focusing on Esperanto right now, which isn’t exactly a common language to learn, but it’s great for helping you learn other languages at a faster pace. Tonight, I encountered an interesting question.

esperantocowsA bit too big? Click on the image.

Did you? Well, that is very interesting, isn’t it?

esperantocows2I’m very glad to hear that, Duolingo. Thanks for reminding us.

If you’ve used Duolingo, have you encountered strange or funny sentences? Let me know in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “Duolingo, You’re Drunk”

  1. I’ve recently been using it to try and revive and improve my Spanish, and I’ve had some pretty wonky sentences. I think the funniest one I got wasn’t unusual in and of itself, but it showed an astronaut who said, “Necesito un baño.” I about died laughing.

  2. Yup, duolingo makes funny sentences like: “help! The horse is eating the holy potato”, or “im green, so what” or “the baby takes over”, or “I paint many feet” hahahah its my favorite language learning app though

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