Science Sunday – Ancient Languages

A little different this week. This is not new news, but something I saw tonight, and I thought it would be interesting to share. While this isn’t exactly a hard science, the evolution of language is an interesting field of study.

First of all, check out this page, which has a video which shows how written language spread.

And then, watch this video. Make sure you have sound turned on. It’s absolutely fascinating listening to what ancient languages may have sounded like.

What did you think? Any comments are always welcome.

Week in Review – March 13, 2016

It’s been an interesting week. And it feels like so much is incredibly surreal. We move out of our apartment next week, and we have a lot to do. To be fair, a lot of the clutter will be thrown out. It’s nearly impossible to organise it so it looks nice. But let’s see what happened in the past week.


I made some decent progress on Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds. Now at 30% done. Also, I finally read a bit more of Keepers of Water by R. G. Porter. That’s now at 50% finished.


As I’ve said before, nothing happening until we’re in Canada.


I’ve been doing a lot of studying of Esperanto, though I haven’t advanced any levels yet. I really should attempt to learn Cyrillic so I can do the test drives for Ukrainian and Russian.


Lots of progress on this. We know exactly where we’re staying in Vancouver on our first night in Canada, and we’ll be heading to Calgary the next morning to get my driver’s license translated into English. We’ve done some more cleaning, although it doesn’t look like it. We’re just not throwing things out until the 23rd, when a company comes to take away our furniture, old electronics, and garbage. Two of our biggest tasks are to sort through our daughter’s toys and decide which things we are sending to Canada, and go through everything in the walk-in closet. A lot of it is old stuff we probably won’t keep. It also looks like the Electronic Travel Authorization is being delayed six months.


I got a couple videos done in the past week. The first one I talk about the eTA. In the second video, I talk about sorting through our daughter’s toys and show off her bike riding skills.

The Blog

One of the biggest stories of the week is that I broke my streak for posting twice a day! Oh well, I still haven’t broken my two year streak for posting at least once a day. But I think my biggest post of the week was about what defines a successful blog. That generated a lot of discussion.


Signed up for a few courses on Coursera, mostly about history. But they’re mostly self-paced and have no deadline. However, there’s one that starts in May.

The Next Week’s Goals

I think I’ll have to spend less time on the blog, more time cleaning and packing. We’ll have to get some boxes ready to ship to Canada, and the rest of the things that we don’t pack in suitcases will be thrown out. I plan to sell some books to Book Off, which is a used bookstore. Also, related to the blog, I’ll be challenging myself to write four book reviews so I don’t have to worry about them later. And I’ll be starting to get Authors Answer posts set up for automatic posting in case I’m too busy.

How was your week? Any plans for this week? Let me know in the comments below.

How Am I? I’m Feeling Weird

You know that feeling when you have major life changes? The feeling that nothing is quite real? That’s how I feel now.

I felt that way when I started university, when I moved to Victoria, when I came to Japan, and when my daughter was born. Now that we’re moving to Canada, that feeling is back. It’s not unpleasant, but it’s a little unsettling. There’s a bit of the unknown, but I also feel that it’s completely surreal. It’s like a dream I’m waiting to wake up from.

Everywhere I go, things look and feel different than they used to. Now they feel temporary. Totally familiar, but things I’ll probably never see again. As my final days of work approach, I feel that way about all the places I’ve worked. Some more than others.

But I have to think about life as an adventure. Expect challenges and just go for it. Every challenge increases experience and helps gain skills. In a way, I’m about to move to a new level.

Thinking about it that way, this unreal feeling means life is an MMORPG. Since my last name is Archer, I must be a ranger. Now where’s my bow?