Puzzles and Sukiyaki

It was a day of cleaning. Lots of bags ready to go out to the garbage. That was all done in the morning. But the afternoon, four hours to be exact, I spent time going through my daughter’s puzzles and putting them together.

What in the world was I doing playing with her puzzles? Well, she’s lost a lot of pieces, and I was checking to see what’s missing. Well, there are still some missing pieces, so I’ll be looking for them as we clean the living room and sort her toys. Maybe I’ll find them all. I hope so. She loves puzzles.

Anyway, dinner tonight is sukiyaki with wagyuu, which is Japanese beef. You know, the expensive stuff. But don’t worry, I didn’t buy it. It was a gift. It tastes amazing!


And yes, that orange stuff on the bottom right of the picture is raw egg. That’s something I got used to eating in Japan. Makes sukiyaki taste great!

14 thoughts on “Puzzles and Sukiyaki”

  1. Amazing how distracting it can be once we start sorting out and packing our kids things, playing games, puzzles. We forget how much fun they are. Well, at least I do.

    1. But I wasn’t actually playing. I was doing it so I could sort the pieces and find out which ones I still need to search for pieces for.

        1. Not yet. We’re doing a massive toy sorting on Monday. That’s when we put those we throw out in boxes so the garbage company will take them. The rest we’ll send, and a handful will come with us on the plane.

  2. This is exact reason my kids can’t clean up their toys. Then end up playing with them instead. 🙂 And my wife wouldn’t touch that dish with the raw egg. I get fussed at every time I let the kids lick the cookie dough off the beaters because there’s raw egg in it.

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