A Familiar View Soon to Be a Memory

One of the schools I work at, my main school, I’ve been teaching for five and a half years. I’ve taken many pictures from that location over the years, especially sunsets. It’s a great view because I have a clear view of Mt. Fuji and the Tanzawa Mountains. Mt. Fuji was out this morning, but when I took this picture, it was no longer visible.


Next week will be my last chance to see this view. I hope I get to see Mt. Fuji from there one last time.

Getting Excited About the Move

A couple days ago, I posted about how I was feeling strange, even surreal. I made a video about it! Watch it below. It’s a couple days old, but I just uploaded it last night.

The excited part is where my daughter comes in. She’s really reluctant to stop wearing diapers, so we’ve been trying to encourage her to wear regular underwear. But this morning, she refused. We told her that if she wants to go swimming, she needs to stop wearing diapers. She still refused. We had to show her pictures of the World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall to convince her that she really wants to go swimming. She’s excited. She really wants to go to West Edmonton Mall now. There’s the waterpark, Galaxyland amusement park, and Marine Life aquarium that she’s interested in.

Hopefully, she’ll have extra motivation now to stop using diapers and use the toilet when she needs to.