Goodbyes – Round Two

Today was my last day at one of my schools. A lot of students said thank you, good luck, and some were quite surprised I was leaving. They all asked me why I was leaving.

But the most difficult ones to say goodbye to were the kids. I was surprised. They were actually disappointed I was leaving. One kid said he won’t get to play (non-morbid) hangman anymore. With kids, I always enjoyed seeing how their English skills advanced over the years. I only taught these kids for a year, but it wasn’t easy to say goodbye.

Well, three days of work left.


19 thoughts on “Goodbyes – Round Two”

  1. Aw kids 🙂
    I can relate to what you are saying, when I quit my job as a German teacher while pregnant (the commute was too much) and announced to the kids that I was leaving one girl said “but we like you!” I did make sure to ask them what they liked and what they disliked and if they felt hey had improved.

    1. Kids are great. I remember nine years ago when my first school closed, two of my kid students, both twelve years old, told me to get out of the classroom at the end of the lesson and didn’t want me to come back in until they were finished doing something. They wrote a wonderful message on the whiteboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it, but I’ll always remember it.

      I was saddened to learn that the boy had become a big troublemaker in high school.

    1. It’s the kids I always want to see go from kid lessons to being able to have conversations in adult lessons. There’s one girl I taught in grades 4 and 5 who is now entering grade 9, and she’s gone from very basic English to being able to have conversations. Her pronunciation is perfect, too.

    1. In the beginning, teaching kids terrified me. I had sweaty armpits before every lesson, and was happy when they were finished. They don’t affect me that way at all now, and there are some kids lessons I absolutely loved teaching.

      1. That’s great to hear. I’ve just come back from camping and one of my friends who also came is a teacher. She was much like you in the beginning but now says that teaching kids is fulfilling (and challenging).

        1. Definitely challenging! Especially if you want them to pay attention and stop talking to each other. But I’m finished with that, at least for now.

    1. Not at all. More goodbyes tomorrow, though I’ve only taught those people this month. It’s not difficult to leave that school.

      My daughter had to say goodbye to her glider/bicycle today. Last time she gets to use it. Also, last time she gets to play with me in the park we always went to. I think the most difficult goodbyes for me at the moment are the places I went to with my daughter often. We’ll never have the same experiences again. They’re special places, probably more for me than for her.

  2. I hear ya. It was tough saying good bye to my 4th graders in Virginia when we left there. Now alot of them are on FB so I can creep on them 🙂 Some of them are even married and/or have kids!

    1. Doesn’t that make you feel old? I didn’t start teaching until I was 28, but even some of the kids or teenagers I taught are now in university or working.

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