How Much Has Canada Changed?

It’s been more than five years since I’ve been in Canada. A lot can change in five years. The biggest changes would include technology and urban development.

The area I live in right now has seen many new houses built. But Japan in general has seen smartphones becoming the norm, video screens appearing in even more places, and the expansion of free wi-fi. The busses in my area now have LCD screens for bus stop information. More trains are also getting that. You can use smartphones to show coupons in stores.

I wonder how different things are in Canada. I know that downtown Edmonton is undergoing huge changes in development: the Ice District with the Oilers new home and the tallest building in western Canada under construction, the new Royal Alberta Museum, and many condo buildings.

What else is new in Canada? I’ll find out soon.


16 thoughts on “How Much Has Canada Changed?”

  1. The one thing that springs to mind that I didn’t see as an option in Japan is being able to “tap” your credit/debit card instead of swiping or inserting the chip. It’s sooo much easier. Almost all restaurants have free wifi now.

    1. One of my coworkers and I were JUST talking about “tap” cards yesterday. lol I was commiserating that they just haven’t become the norm yet in Nova Scotia. One of the only places I’m able to tap is at Superstore. ._.

            1. Nope, which actually kinda defeats the purpose of having a chip card, really. That was my first thought when tap became available at Superstore. I was like, “But…so anyone could pick this up off the floor and use it then…?” and the cashier pretty much just shrugged. 😛

    2. Tapping? Huh. That’s definitely new. Convenience stores in Japan have something kind of like that, but with prepaid cards that are made for the convenience stores or by paying with IC cards made for using trains and buses.

  2. I love, love, love tapping my card! We have it in a lot of businesses and it is rapidly spreading. Jay, you will find that some places have changed enormously when you drive around Edmonton, but others haven’t changed one bit.

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