To Those Who Blame Justin Trudeau for CPP Investment in Mumbai

I saw this article on Facebook. I saw the comments on CBC’s website and on Facebook. Many people are blaming Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government for this. Many think it’s his doing. Many think he’s the one who decided to do this. If you’re one of these people, read this very carefully:

You are wrong.


The CPP Investment Board is independent. The Canadian government does not control it. CPPIB’s decisions are made by them and by them only. The Canadian government has no say in what they do, nor do they appoint anyone to the Board.

Another thing people don’t understand is that they invest in projects that are low risk and see a high return. Their goal is to make money on investments.

So, if you’re still blaming Justin Trudeau for this, then there’s no hope for you. You are thick-skulled and are only blaming Justin Trudeau just because you want to blame him. Honestly, get over it and do some damn research.

Edit: Correction. The board members are appointed by the Finance Minister and provincial Finance Ministers. However, they still operate independently of the government. Also, the current board was appointed under Harper’s administration.

37 thoughts on “To Those Who Blame Justin Trudeau for CPP Investment in Mumbai”

  1. There is a lot of misinformation going around and I see people using it to rant and justify their beliefs. It makes me quite sad that the world has come to this place where politicians are using the stage to spread hate messages and people just grab a hold of the politician’s coat tails and join right in without being able to see just how wrong it is.

    1. Call it what you want. Justine Trudeau has been spending money like it grows in trees. Let not even talk about the cpp monies. He has housed his energies helping other countries and has turned his back on Canadians with no plan for our economy and not a thought out towards job creation. We will die of the wrath of his poor decision making. Spending money lime a kid who just got his allowance. Received on Saturday and spent by Sunday. What a fucking joke this government is. For those of you who casted a vote to get Harper out and not actually casting a vote FOR Trudeau? Shame on you. He will be our ultimate doom. I sure didnt vote for him.

      1. It’s obvious you didn’t investigate all the crap that Harper did. As said in this article it was Harpers people that put this in. Not Trudeau’s cabinet that did this. As with most of Harpers supporters you didn’t do any investigation or even read all of the article. Harper pulled so many things off on the Canadian people, but you are bitching about the wrong person, the Conservatives put this in place not the Liberals. Harper would do back room deals and Canadians would only find out after it was in place. Investigate before you bitch, please.

        1. You need to do some reading, the CPPIB has been in place since 1997. Gee, wonder who was in power then, Oh wait that would be PM Jean Chretien, so don’t go running down Harper or the Conservatives because the Liberal’s set this up. You can say they are independent all you want but our CPP is taken off our paychecks and sent to the Government. Its our money and our government allows this group to invest a certain amount. They can say its safe but what happens if they screw up and loose a huge pile of our money, then what happens. They may work at arms length of our government but only with what they choose to invest the rest is not arms length. the only thing Harper did with this bunch is when someone retires or leaves, dies,etc, the PM in power fills the seats with new investment people, thats it so don’t go blaming the conservatives for something else the Liberal’s did.

      2. Thanks for the comment. But I still think he’s a better choice than anyone else at the moment. It’s still early, and I’m not making any final decisions about this government. And as I said, Trudeau has nothing to do with the CPPIB investment in Mumbai. And it seems to me that he still has quite high approval ratings.

          1. You sir, are on a personal blog insulting someone. It shows more about your lack of ability to communicate properly and as an adult. Please develop the cognitive ability to comment with some intelligence.

        1. We are accountable to Parliament and to federal and provincial ministers who serve as the CPP stewards. However, we are governed and managed independently from the CPP itself, and operate at arm’s length from governments.
          Taken directly from the CPPIB website. This decision was made October 31, 2015 without parliamentary debate and is a direct result of Trudeau’s choice of cabinet ministers direction.
          As you suggested, I did the research and find your a Liberal apologist.

      1. Well now Jay Dee, how do you think that J. T. managed to obtain his position? If it weren’t for the mis-information highway and social media, he would still be living off his allowance. There happens to be much more misinformation than most seem to be aware of, and unfortunately, it is bringing Canada to a state of ruin! Unfortunately, this is happening much faster than much of our population realizes. Much of our destruction is systematic and irreversible. Many of the citizens in this country have, “Head-in-the-Sand Syndrome!” Either they are too trusting or too lazy to do proper research! When one knows the truth and can see past the political games that are being played, it is truly sickening to watch. People are acting like children and some politicians seem to be using child psychology on these folks. Distraction or smoke and mirrors! It’s like throwing a bone for a dog to chase, while you get what you want before the dog notices? I am glad to see, that there are many of our citizens who seem to know what is going down. However, you sir, do not seem to be one of them. Some day you will see, but it will probably be too late!

        1. I think people say this about pretty much every leader in the past. History repeats itself. Destruction is an exaggeration. Canada will not be ruined. Again, that’s an exaggeration. And I am pretty aware of what’s going on.

          One thing I do notice is that when the conservatives are in power, the liberals are always talking about how the country will be ruined. When the liberals are in power, the conservatives are talking about how the country will be ruined. I take it you are a conservative.

    2. You tell me how the CPP is going to make money from poor people. This is totally ridiculous to even think for a minute that it will be a wise investment. It’s for AFFORDABLE housing. Most people who have worked 40 years will receive $500 a month. Those who receive $1000 a month are about 2% of all recipients of CPP. So there is something definitely wrong with CPP payouts. Furthermore, up to 40% of CPP payouts go to people who never paid into it such as disabled people. Apparently the CPP payouts are indexed. Geez if you are supposed to live with $500 a month in 2017, what was the equivalent 30 years ago? $100 in 1987. Even then just to rent a basement apartment was $500.

      1. Actually, I totally agree with you. My mom is living off her pension, and it’s definitely not enough. And what exactly is affordable housing these days? Income has increased far too slowly compared to housing prices.

    3. Pretty sad when a “writer” doesn’t just write the facts without having to name call people. Is it any wonder people jump to conclusions? Trudope is an irresponsible like shit who hasn’t gotta clue. Maybe journalism isn’t for you

  2. Y don’t u do some research into equalization payments and how much he will give others before the west
    Don’t worry we’ll keep paying
    1 billion for bombardier
    280 million for an entire province that was previously approved by the previous goverment
    Don’t you do some research

  3. It’s the taxpayers money it came off our cheques we worked hard for that money. So why do they need to use or invest money that is not theirs. If it was done rite our pension money should be trillions of dollars in the bank and not broke where does the money go when people die before age 65. Why isn’t draw interest?

    1. I believe the investments are supposed to increase the amount of money in the pension fund. They make investments that are guaranteed a return. In theory, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    2. Right now, the CPP is returning 8% roughly, which is not bad considering the low risk nature of the investment.

  4. Justan just saved the world by submitting to oil.Canada is going to be one of the worlds largest CO2 contrubtors. Sunny ways are here again lots of cash for CPP pet projects Dictatorship aspirations.

  5. Good information. I am not a fan of JT or the current Liberal government. Time will tell if this pays off. CPP is in trouble and needs to prop up its. Revenue as currently CPP will not pay for shit when you retire hence the introduction of rrsps etc. Cirrect me if I’m erroneous

  6. I would just like to leave my opinion weather it’s right or wrong I’m not entirely sure. It is to my understanding that the CPP investment board was created by the Federal government. Having that belief makes me lean in the direction that the government has a lot of control over where and what it invests in. Just so happens that this investment is happening during Trudeau’s time as prime minister. Having said that doesn’t mean it was his plan to invest in low income housing abroad. He certainly isn’t doing anything to stop that investment though. There are lots of Canadians that pay into ccp and live in worse conditions. Maybe this investment could be used to house Canadians?

  7. Sorry I don’t buy the independent board that the government has no say over. I don’t I don’t I Don’t.. And got no say over this two billion from the pension funds? Taking money from Canadians and sending it out of Canada is EXACTLY what Justin Trudeau does. Affordable housing means subsidized.

  8. OMG……The Canadian Pension INvestment Board has a Obbligation for sound Investments for Canadians and Permanant REsidents alike as well as Every Public Official Whether Liberal/Conservative/Green or other….Very Rich 2% Billionaires Live in Mumbai India who should have a Responsibility to the Poor Housing Low Income…Slumlords who dont mind if Canada forks over 2 Billion ………………..something wrong OCD.

  9. Except the finance minister is appointed by the Prime Minister and the CPP is not a bank. The whole purpose of the CPP is to provide tax payed pensions not loan out peoples money. Not to mention while low risk, affordable housing is not a high return enterprise as its meant to not generate profits. So even if Trudeau didn’t appoint a finance minister who would put a partisan on the CPP so he can send 2 billion of taxpayer money meant directly for the taxpayers to a non-profit oriented investment in a foreign country this still betrays the purpose of the CPP. With all of the money he’s sent abroad we could easily fulfill the Kelowna Accord and do away with the third-world country in our own backyard. Throw some Indian act reform on top of that and Trudeau could have a legacy as actually being the saviour of the indigenous peoples and give him a voter base that’ll keep him in office for the next decade. But nah, trying to impress India after an embarrassing visit is more important than recognizing we are not an economic superpower.

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