Only Two Days to Go!

Just a quick post. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, but we ended up getting a lot of administrative stuff done, including setting up city tax payment. We went back to our old neighbourhood for that.

It was strange being there, even though we only moved out last week. Everything felt different, like it’s familiar, but it’s not home. I guess that happens anyplace I’ve lived. But it was our last time there. We’ll probably visit in the future, though.

If you’ve moved from one home to another, do you ever go back to see your old home?

18 thoughts on “Only Two Days to Go!”

  1. Whenever we travel to my parents I make sure to drive by the house we lived in before we moved to the one my parents are at now (and have been for 27 years).

    1. Ever wonder what they’ve done to the inside of the house? I know my old house from the early 80s has been painted a new colour and they added a garage and porch in the back. They also removed all the big trees in the backyard, including the apple trees. That’s disappointing.

      1. I do wonder what they’ve done to the inside. I don’t remember much about it because it was 28 years ago, but still. The outside looks the same except for the hole where a pool used to be is now filled in.

          1. The pool was taken out before we moved in. It was one of those 4′ high above ground pools that they sunk in the ground about 3′. When they moved they took the pool with them. Then we moved in. After we moved out, the family after us filled in the hole.

            1. Avoided it. Except our dog loved to push a soccerball around in it. It wasn’t good for much besides sitting in. It was probably 8-10′ feet in diameter.

  2. I remember when I was young and we loved from our first family home. Our second wasn’t far away and I used to cycle past our old home every second day. I missed our huge backyard with all of its fruit trees.

    1. Mine had big apples trees. Unfortunately, they’re all gone now. Why would they do that? I don’t know. We had a big yard, and even a tree house.

      1. Our first back yard was full of fruit trees we had everything from apple trees to fig trees, peach, pear and citrus. It was heaven for me as a kid. I’d climb everything I could.

        1. Nice. Did you get to eat a lot of the fruit? We had a garden in our back yard with many vegetables. At one time, we had so many potatoes, they lasted the entire winter.

          1. Oh yes! I loved the fruit, so yes I ate lots of it. I have fond memories of picking and eating strawberries and grapes and just sitting in the apple tree eating apples. Wonderful child hood memories.

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