Narita Airport-Bound

We are on our way to Narita Airport. After lunch, we’ll be checking in and going through security. Soon, we leave Japan.

I have a bit of apprehension because I’m leaving a country I’ve called home for eleven years. All the friends and students I’m leaving behind will always live on in my memory. But some I will keep in contact with on Facebook. I’ll see them again when we visit Japan.

I also worry about our daughter on the plane. Will she behave? Will she drive us and other passengers crazy? It’s her first flight, and she’s excited about it. But it’s so long. Hopefully she’ll sleep. I hope I can, too. I’ve never been able to sleep on a plane.

Well, I’ll update when we arrive in Vancouver. We’ll be canceling our cell phones at the airport, but I’ll be able to use wi-fi in many places, and we’ll have access to the internet in the hotel.

See you in Canada!

16 thoughts on “Narita Airport-Bound”

  1. thinking about you, hope the flight is clear and smooth. Your daughter will be fine on the trip, I worried once about my granddaughter at about the same age as yours, I was afraid she would be scared by the thrust at take-off and landing, but she absolutely LOVED it! Another time I flew from Houston TX to Cleveland, and there was a couple with a 2-year-old…he was fine. Then when we landed I discovered there was another kid the same age right behind our row of seats, and I didn’t even know he was there! Well bon voyage…and will wait to hear from you on the other side. Canada that is… 🙂

    1. The thrust didn’t affect her at all. She enjoyed it. I thought she’d be more excited, but she was kind of unimpressed. She was more interested in watching movies and TV shows. The only problem was that the earphones didn’t fit her ears. We figured out how to get them to stay, though.

            1. I also love nature, travel, and things of the Earth. Though I’m not a big fan of bugs. I like rocks, though. I’d love to study geology, actually.

            2. somewhere I have a photo of my great-granddaughter, at about nine yr-old, wearing a summer outfit, a bike helmet on her head, and carefully capturing bugs for a bug-farm or whatever. 🙂

            3. most kids like bugs. The thing that makes that photo memorable was the bike helmet…:-) She is 10 now. I particularly enjoy kids from about 3 to 12, they tend to be eager to learn and not yet know-it-all.

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