We’re in Vancouver, but Jetlagged

We’re in our hotel room, all of us exhausted from our flight and jetlagged. None of our plans happened. Sleepiness has taken over completely. It’s now almost 7 pm, and we don’t know where to eat, since our daughter may be out completely for a while. We should decide and get something, though.

I didn’t get much video of our departure or arrival. Constantly trying to figure out where to go, how to do it, and so on. It’s strange being in Canada, and I’m always having to stop myself from doing Japanese things, like bowing, speaking Japanese, and more. I’ll have to do a complete write-up of our experience soon.

But for now, what do we eat?


12 thoughts on “We’re in Vancouver, but Jetlagged”

        1. Well, we’ve got a lot done, but it takes time. Still have my bank account to get sorted. Bank card has been deactivated, and the bank is trying to get me to open a new account. I’d like to keep my banking history. Still need a job, but that’s not an instantaneous thing.

  1. Happy and safe travels! I like the idea of ordering pizza. What did you end up getting? My brother always keeps his kids wake on the 14 hour flight from S Korea so they sleep after landing and don’t have trouble with jetlag. Good luck!

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