Authors Answer 74 – What We Are Working On Now

Are you curious about what we’re writing? We’re all writing something, whether they’re novels or children’s books. We have some great things planned for you to read. I hope you really enjoy what we’re going to be publishing in the near future.

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 74 – Can you tell us about a future book that you’re working on?

S. R. Carrillo

I’m excited to be working on a futuristic, feminist, freaky, queer western set in the clouds where worlds are ruled by demons and horses are fueled by fire.

Elizabeth Rhodes

With my recent blending of crime and science fiction, I want to try more genre blending. How about sci-fi/romance? Bodice rippers in space? Sounds like fun. Stay tuned.

H. Anthe Davis

In the War of Memory Cycle, the protagonists have faced off against malevolent necromancers, fanatical armies, and even the direct focus of a wicked god!  But can they handle….high school?!  Coming next, Cob and his companions find themselves trapped on the idyllic campus of Firebird High, where the landscaper has claws and the chemistry teacher breathes acid!  Can they juggle study-hall, sleepovers, soccer championships and senior prom, all while hunting for a way home?  And what is that groaning that filters up from the school basement at night?  Does it have anything to do with the recent grave-robbings, and the dirt that Principal Enkhaelen tracks into the halls every morning?  Find out in…the War of Algebra!

Eric Wood

I just finished the manuscript for my next picture book. It’s about how a donkey and a giraffe become best friends. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is ninja training, a raccoon playing a ukulele, and a duck who thinks he’s a chameleon.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

Well, I’ve been thinking about taking a break from writing stuff like horror and fantasy, and maybe trying my hand at something a little more relatable. So I’m working on this romance novel… It’s a bit of a Romeo and Juliet plot in which an extremist feminist and a Men’s Rights activist fall in love when they meet at a protest. They’re totally willing to abandon their ideals for love, but their respective “families” are determined to keep them apart. I think it’s going to be a huge hit.

Jean Davis

Well I was skimming through the spam in my inbox a while back and I got this great idea to combine all the subject lines into a plot. So here goes: Billy the endangered elephant needs an enlargement to satisfy the females so he can save his kind but he needs cash. He has enslave the monkeys in the rainforest to pick all the acai berries to sell to the humans so they’ll do the surgery. Unfortunately, the prince of Nigeria takes all his hard earned money and sends it to an elderly woman in Minnesota to keep the elephants from voting in the next election. The only way Billy can get his money back is to convince the woman not to email the prince with her bank information. But can finish his online college language and typing classes in time to save the elephants from extinction and defeat the prince?

D. T. Nova

A team of trained apes engage in asymmetric warfare against a totalitarian government. The title is Gorilla Guerrilla.

Linda G. Hill

I’m working on a non-fiction book about how I’ve traveled the world to take each and every one of my WordPress followers out for coffee to convince them to follow me. The resulting restraining orders are in the hundreds, and yet real life being stranger than fiction, even some of those people are following me! The title of the book will be, I’ll Follow You ‘Til You Follow Me. It’s sure to be a best seller!!

Gregory S. Close

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a new epic called The Dread Squirrel Prince Trilogy. Most epic fantasy has been told from the perspective of humans, or humanoids, with elves, dwarves and similar races.  I think that’s been played out.  Instead, I’ve tried to touch on themes and characters that are both different and immediately identifiable and relatable – the struggle of oppressed and downtrodden dogs against the Great Squirrel Empire.

The series will follow the rise of a Lab-mix named Sundance.  A pup with a good heart, he sometimes rushes in without thinking things through.  His mentor, an old wolfhound named Big Blue, is a drifter and a charlatan that once sniffed the butts of nobles and kings before falling into disfavor, and landing in exile in Sundance’s out of the way village, Barknuwwn.

Sundance and Big Blue will have to confront the truth of their destiny – hidden lineage, secret powers, a dark power rising again to threaten the last hope of peace for all dog kind, and the great evil behind it all… The Dread Squirrel Prince!

Paul B. Spence

I am currently working on a novel where a conservative millionaire with hateful rhetoric is running for president. An investigative journalist discovers that he is actually a reptilian alien in disguise and planning to plunge the most powerful nation in the world into chaos and civil strife to ease the way for an invasion by his people. The race is on: can the journalist get the information out there in time, or will life as we know it soon be over?

Too much like life?

Jay Dee Archer

I’ve kept this story under wraps for a while, but I thought this is a good time to unveil it.

In a post-apocalyptic world, humans have been reduced to animals, while others have moved on up in the order of intelligence. Birds have become the newest masters of the world, and with their superior intellect, have genetically engineered a super race of birds: the return of the dinosaurs. However, they are still quite small, and have developed robotic suits of armour the size of humans. The purpose? An evil mastermind, one of the rare humans who have retained their intellect, has plotted a second apocalypse against the Dinobirds, and a major battle is coming to determine the future of the world. This sci-fi action thriller has it all, suspense, drama, and a little romance. Look for it soon!

How about you?

If you’re an author, what are you working on? And which story looks interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below.

We Made It to Edmonton Safely

We’re in Edmonton now, and we are going to have to try settling in. Everything is so strange. It’s like a foreign country to me now.

Once I’ve got a spot set up for my computer, maybe tonight, I’ll do a regular monthly review. But starting tomorrow, we have a lot of sorting, setting up, shopping, address changing, school visiting, and registrations. Lots to do.

At least my daughter loves her new bed and bedroom.

Month in Review – March 2016

Hello from Canada! I’ve now changed the time zone for my blog, so the stats are a little bit off, as the start time has now changed. That means that previous results are off by a few hours. Oh well. I’ll give you the stats for March as they stood for Edmonton’s time zone. Like I mentioned for the February review, it was the best month ever, and I expected March to slow down. Well, it didn’t. It ended up being my second best month ever! But just barely ahead of January 2016. The month ended with 1270 followers, up by only 26.

March Stats

March started off slowly, but started to get better toward the middle of the month. And then, an amazing thing happened. A post went viral. The average number of views per day was 121, which is the second best ever. Only 16 out of 31 days were over 100 views, but 1 day was over 200. In fact, that day was the best day ever. The best day of the month was March 22 with 438 views! The total number of views in March was 3,739, making it second best ever. It was the 18th month in a row over 2,000 and the 9th time over 3,000. The month ended with 73,915 views. There were 54 posts in March, bringing it to a total of 1,703.

In March, there were 643 comments, bringing it up to 13,386 comments in total.

The top ten countries were:

  1. United States (1,614 views)
  2. Canada (1,124 views)
  3. Japan (272 views)
  4. United Kingdom (265 views)
  5. Australia (95 views)
  6. France (30 views)
  7. India (27 views)
  8. Brazil (21 views)
  9. Philippines (20 views)
  10. Malaysia (20 views)

Top Posts

The top five posts in March were:

  1. To Those Who Blame Justin Trudeau for CPP Investment in Mumbai (814 views)
  2. Authors Answer 73 – A Flight Across the Pacific (109 views)
  3. What Defines a Successful Blog? (94 views)
  4. Don’t Believe the Mt. Etna CO2 Meme (79 views)
  5. Duolingo, You’re Drunk (53 views)

The most popular post written before March was INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality with 45 views. For the first time in several months, this is the top older post.

As for these posts, I think you should give them a look. They weren’t as popular as the others, but they still deserve a read.


I did manage one review in March. That was for:

I have three more to do to catch up. Expect them this month.

Social Media

On Twitter, I have 3,232 followers, which is an increase of 61.  I follow 3,169, which is up by 61. I finished with 8,463 tweets, with only 85 coming in March.

On YouTube, I uploaded 4 videos in March.  I have 50 subscribers, which is an increase of 1 from last month.  The month ended with 9,547 views, which is an increase of 231. I have a lot of videos to edit and upload about our move to Canada, as well as many videos about sightseeing in Japan to do. Expect a lot this month.

Looking Ahead to April

There will be a lot of things happening this month. First of all, writing may finally recommence. That will be great. However, it will be a very busy month because we still have lot to do about settling into life in Canada, registration of my daughter for school, and many other things, like getting a job.

I would expect a lot of videos this month. I’m re-branding my YouTube channel, and will have a lot of great content coming.

Regular features will continue as always. I also plan on getting caught up with comments and social media, and setting up YouTube for monetization. Hoping to get a little income from my channel if it ever becomes more popular. I also expect a return to being very productive on the blog. The past couple of weeks have been a bit quieter. Back to blogging twice a day!

So, thanks to everyone for reading! You always make it worth it. Please leave a comment below.