Opinions: Montessori Method

I have a quick question for you. For anyone who has any experience with the Maria Montessori method of teaching, what do you think of it? There’s a daycare near where we live that uses this method, and we’re considering checking it out.

Please let me know in the comments below.

Week in Review – April 3, 2016

Now that we’re in Canada, everything can return to normal. The past two weeks have been pretty busy. I’ve already talked about what had happened with our move, so I won’t be talking about that.


I haven’t actually read much lately. But that’s okay, I’ve been busy. Redemption Ark is still at 38% and Keepers of Water is still at 50%.


Nothing happened, but I expect something soon. I’m hoping to have a quiet place I can go to write.


I actually did a tiny bit with Esperanto. From now on, I’ll be doing some studying every day.


Well, we’re in Edmonton! I’ve had several posts about it, but I already mentioned the best one above. Expect more to come.


I have done none recently, but I think I’m going to do a lot very soon.

The Blog

During the past two weeks, I had one post go viral, and I had the second best month in stats ever. Some things took a brief break, such as the weekly Sunday science video post and the Top Ten posts took a long break. I’m looking to set up schedule for everything. Authors Answer had a great week for number 73 (more than 100 views!) and number 74 was on April 1st. That was an April Fools Joke, by the way.


Nothing. How do I do that while moving across the Pacific? I may start something soon, though.

The Next Week’s Goals

There’s a big focus on getting a lot settled here. I have to buy a new suit for interviews and possibly work, I have to get health insurance arranged for myself, my daughter, and hopefully my wife, I have to get my driver’s license switched over to an Alberta license, and I have to get my daughter registered for three things: Kindergarten, daycare, and Japanese school. Maybe not all will be done this week, but a lot will. I also still need to get a cell phone. I can only use my iPhone wherever there’s wi-fi.

Writing may not happen this week. Videos will. I’d like to work on one a day this week. I’ll also return to my usual twice a day blog posting schedule. I’ll be studying Esperanto every day, and possibly get back to French. I have another blog to start, too. It’s all about Japanese restaurants and their authenticity, but I’ll also try various Asian restaurants and burgers.

How were your last two weeks? Let me know in the comments below.