Opinions: Montessori Method

I have a quick question for you. For anyone who has any experience with the Maria Montessori method of teaching, what do you think of it? There’s a daycare near where we live that uses this method, and we’re considering checking it out.

Please let me know in the comments below.


17 thoughts on “Opinions: Montessori Method”

  1. I have no personal experience of the Montessori method of teaching although I have acquaintances whose children went there. From what I gather it’s a much more relaxed method of teaching, kids seem to have more choices and freedom, it’s less strict and not as structured. At least here in Australia. Go along and check it out, you’ll get a better idea.

  2. I highly recommend the method. I once interviewed and toured a Montessori school… long ago, probably thirty years…that’s how long it has been around. The only reason my great-grand-kids don’t attend Montessori is that it is very expensive. My Cleveland kids attend charter schools I think it is…excellent system, and there is a fee, but affordable. They are in elementary school (US) so they are older than your daughter (except Edward, who is turning 3 soon.)

    By all means check out the Montessori school, but also I would recommend checking to see what is available. Montessori is good == in my opinion — not only for programs, but also for the level of clientele. I am NO SNOB…as I’m sure you know. However, when it comes to educational opportunities that is definitely a concern…not so much for “friend” points, but mainly $$$$ in taxes etc. which funds the schools. 🙂

    1. We found out it’s very expensive. $800 per month full time or $47 per day part time. No thanks. Everything seems to be full, so we may have to just leave it to storytime at the library and Japanese school once a week.

        1. Well, it may not be easy to get into one. They’re often full. But with only four and a half months until school starts, we may not even be able to successfully get in for such a short time.

  3. I recommend it. It provides peer learning and is a child centered learning program rather than teacher centered. So instead of a teacher standing in front of everyone instructing, each student might be doing their own thing and the teacher is either observing or sitting with them guiding them. I would assuming a day care would be set up in this fashion with age appropriate activities.

        1. It’s too much. Well, we spent some time at my wife’s friend’s house, and there were plenty of Japanese speaking kids there, though older than my daughter. One was only a few months older, though.

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