Permanent Residency Decision Made

Good news! My wife’s permanent residency has been approved. Well, they still have to do the final assessment by an immigration officer, but it’s basically been approved.

We need to respond to their email, then print out our reply and the attached file to send to the Manila office. After that, they review it and let us know when landing is possible. As far as I know, my wife can either exit the country and return, or go to the immigration office downtown and officially land.


20 thoughts on “Permanent Residency Decision Made”

    1. Thanks. The question is if we have to go to the border to make the landing or can we get an urgent processing at the local immigration office for landing? It’s most likely the former.

      1. it must be nice weather up there…are you in Vancouver proper, or a suburb? I did visit my son’s family when they lived in Washington State…that should be similar. We got several inches of snow last night…its about time for Spring weather. Daffodils and Forsythia are bright, but not thrilled about being covered with snow.

        1. We’re in Edmonton. Vancouver was just a one night stopover. It’s been pretty warm here, and only a couple cold days. It’ll be pretty warm tomorrow, but rainy on Wednesday. Leaves are starting to come out, and flowers should be blooming soon.

          1. I need to get out my maps…I’m not sure where Edmonton is. I’ve been to London, and to Quebec, and Montreal…that’s it. We can cross on a ferry. I wrote an article about it once, we crossed, with are car, then drove to the return point of the ferry. We went to a greenhouse there that had a giant sahuaro cactus…and thousands of little cacti in pots.

            1. It’s in western Canada, east of the Rockies. It’s also North America’s most northerly major city with more than a million people.

            2. I’ll look it up on a map. I like to know where places are. I tend to think of a place I have never been as a vast empty space until I can add landmarks.

            3. that’s true. I always take lots of non-touristy photos when I go some place, those experiences are often best. Like in the jungle Maya villages…real people, not postcards.

            4. Exactly. I like taking pictures of back streets in Japan. They have a lot of character, and the tourists don’t go there. I really enjoy feeling the atmosphere of places, and tourist sites don’t give the real atmosphere.

  1. Awesome news! I remember getting my notification that I could immigrate. It became the mad scramble you just survived and a 3 day journey in a 26′ U-Haul. Congrats!

    1. Well, we may have to drive down to Montana and make a quick u-turn. If my sister can’t drive us, we’ll have to rent a car for the day. I can drive now because I have my temporary paper driver’s license (it takes 2 weeks to get the official one).

  2. Congratulations! Having just gone through the process it is such a drawn out process and it’s so exciting when it finally comes through.

    My husband is a Canadian Citizen (by birth) and we started the process for a Spouse PR for me in July last year. As we were living in Australia we did an outland application and submitted it in Australia because the processing time was quicker than submitting it within Canada.

    We had actually booked our move to Canada for October and at the time I still had not heard back from CIC then 1 week prior to leaving I was emailed that I had been approved. I had to enter Canada on a tourist Visa (Australian’s can visit Canada for 6 months) and then I had to send off the last bit within Canada when we arrived for the final part of the process. They then posted me the confirmation letter however I had to leave Canada and re-enter to activate my PR I was unable to do it in an immigration office. I ended up flag poling at the US border crossing at Niagara Falls. It was pretty straight forward. I ended up doing it a couple of weeks after I first arrived in Canada on the tourist visa. It’s great because once I had it I could then apply for Ontario Health Insurance.

    Our son was born in Australia so we couldn’t apply for PR for him because we needed to apply for Canadian Citizenship and that has turned out to be a more drawn out process. We applied at the end of October and he still has not received it. It makes it tricky if we need to leave the country and re-enter because he is travelling on an Australian passport and does not have a Citizenship ID. We are unable to apply for a Canadian Passport for him until he has the Citizenship approved.

    Fingers crossed the next step is processed quickly for your wife.

    1. Sounds pretty different to our experience. My wife has no tourist visa, as they don’t give any for Japanese people. She’s here on no visa at all, though she’s allowed to stay for 6 months. She can land at an immigration office, but it has to be before April 30th, and she may not be able to get an appointment. We’ll try, though. If not, we’ll rent a car and drive to the border.

      My daughter’s citizenship was actually pretty quick and easy. It took only 6 weeks to receive her certificate.

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