Crazy Cross-Genre Fiction

There are so many different genres in fiction, and so many mixed genre books, as well.  But has it all been done? What are some crazy cross-genre ideas that you have?

Here are some of my ideas

Inspirational zombie cowboy – An uplifting tale of a cowboy and his cows surviving the wild west zombie apocalypse.

Children’s steampunk thriller – Scare the crap out of kids with this nineteenth century sci-fi tale.

Romantic dinosaur space opera – Dinosaurs in space! Dinosaurs falling in love in space! What could be better?

Okay, it’s your turn. Give me some of the craziest ideas you have about mixing two or more genres, and give a brief description of it.

You Know You’re in Canada When…

It was 21 degrees Celsius two days ago. It was a beautiful day, actually warmer than Tokyo. But now, forget about that…


I took this picture a few minutes ago. It’s snowing! I’m definitely not in Japan anymore.

Got any stories about how you know you’re in Canada? Let me know in the comments below.