Progress in Canada: Phone Calls, Banks, a School, and Driver’s License

It was an interesting day today. What happened today changed tomorrow’s plans.

First of all, because of my wife’s permanent residency basically being approved, I called the call centre for immigration to see if she can land in Edmonton. They said it’s possible, but with such short notice that she was given, it may not be possible to get an appointment in time. So, we may have to go to the border with Montana and make a U-turn. Both of the representatives I spoke to were very kind and helpful.

Then I made another phone call. This one was to the elementary school my daughter will go to school. They were very friendly, and asked us to visit the school and register our daughter in the afternoon.

So, after lunch, we went to the school, filled out the registration, and discovered that she can get bus service! That’s excellent news. She’s now registered and will be attending kindergarten next September. We also found out there’s a parents only orientation next week on Thursday. That should be interesting.

Later on, we went to a few banks to get some information about accounts. The credit unions seem more promising. We also checked the mail, and much to my surprise, the translation of my Japanese driver’s license had arrived! That means I can get my driver’s license tomorrow.

After dinner, I took my daughter out to the park to blow some bubbles, and saw a great sunset.


Nice way to end the day. Tomorrow, my daughter meets one of my aunts for the first time, and I’ll get my driver’s license figured out. And we’re going to see a movie.

How was your day?


8 thoughts on “Progress in Canada: Phone Calls, Banks, a School, and Driver’s License”

  1. My daughter has been herefor a three day visit, we live five hours from her so it has been smashing. Today is her last day here and will leave about teatime four o’clockish. I had a lovely day planned but woke with a lousy head cold streaming eyes and nose, i never get colds and things. My daughter is head/ principle of two schools and cannot aford to be ill! So when she gets up I will need to send her on her way and forgo our planned girly day. But the sun is bright, my daughter will be okay and I will smile… at least until she has tooted her horn goodbye, then obviously my clod will get worse and make my eyes leak.

    1. Well, that’s pretty bad timing. Three of us have had colds this past week, and we have my great aunt’s birthday to go to later this month. She’ll be 95 and has been undergoing cancer treatment. No one can be sick. It could be very dangerous for her.

  2. Sounds like things are moving along and happening for you which is great. For us today we drove two and a half hours to sign some official papers for a work based Agricultural apprenticeship our daughter is doing on a property in the high country. All exciting times for her. She also turns 18 in just a few weeks. Glad things are going well for you all over there.

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