Excited for Upcoming Duolingo Languages

I’ve been getting back into studying at Duolingo again, and there are some languages that are coming soon.

First up is Vietnamese. It’s coming tomorrow! I’m really interested in seeing what that’s like. It’s the first southeast Asian language that’ll be available.

Next is one I’m quite interested in, and that’s Greek. It’ll be available in Beta next month! I want to learn that language.

Also coming soon is Hungarian, and soon after that should be Hebrew and Swahili in summer. Hindi will be coming, as well. But then there’s Klingon. It’s been very quiet for a while, but recently started back up again, and they think it’ll be ready this summer.

Korean was added to the incubator, which means it’s in development. But upcoming are some south Asian languages, like Bengali and Tamil. Those will be interesting. However, many people want Finnish, Japanese, Latin, and Arabic. And there’s news that some native American languages will start this year. I wonder what they’ll be.

What are you looking forward to?

6 thoughts on “Excited for Upcoming Duolingo Languages”

  1. Swahili! Hebrew! Japanese! Latin! Arabic! Yes! I’m so down! While Spanish will always be my primary focus, it’s SO COOL knowing there are more in the works. I didn’t know that – prolly because I use the app on my phone and not the website on my computer.

      1. Hm! It didn’t even occur to me that there would be a difference. I’ll have to switch over, here soon. That actually makes me feel better because I never really felt like I was learning the language so much as someone was dictating to me that I should’ve learned things and that I’m being refreshed on it. Which, of course, I’m not, so it made me feel kinda dumb for forgetting things I didn’t have all that much teaching on. :[

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