Clouds of Alberta

I’ve been enjoying looking at the sky recently. The clouds in Alberta are so different than Japan’s clouds. The flat land has a lot to do with it. There are bigger temperature changes, and often more wind. And sometimes, the clouds just look weird.

Last night, the clouds were curly.



And the sunsets have been interesting. But it was too cloudy last night for much of one, but I saw this:


What I’m looking forward to this summer are the giant cumulonimbus clouds that come with thunderstorms. They are incredible here.

What are typical clouds like where you live?


7 thoughts on “Clouds of Alberta”

  1. Our land here is flat, approaching the Lake (Erie) and a lot of our beautiful cloud displays center out over the lake. You were describing your clouds there were you are now…. well when I was in Washington (Seattle area) I saw some clouds that so impressed me that I remember them clearly…in fact I found a photo of them in my albums when I was looking for the harbor/park shots I posted last month.

      1. don’t know… sounds related to cepulcular rays…those might be what are in the rays of the sun in my header photo. I saw some old pics where my late-husband had written cepulcular rays..if that’s spelled right.

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