Week in Review – April 10, 2016

I thought everything would return to normal, but I still find it difficult to keep up with the pace that I set before. Still far too much to do, and not enough time to myself. Soon, I hope!


Honestly, I’ve done so little, not much to update. I did read a couple pages of Redemption Ark, though. Now at 39%.


Still no place to write. Haven’t had time, either.


I’ve been studying Esperanto slowly, but I’m getting close to the next level. Trying to study every day.


Lots done, still lots to do. Got things taken care of regarding health insurance, driver’s license, and pretty much everything involving IDs and address changes. Still working on a job, getting my bank card reactivated, and cell phones. Also, my wife’s permanent residency has basically been approved. We should get the visa package this week.


Thought I’d get some done, but I had no time.

The Blog

Not really as much as I thought I’d do. I haven’t been able to maintain two posts per day. It’s been slow going, but things should pick up later in the month.


Nothing at all.

The Next Week’s Goals

More job searching, getting bank accounts sorted, and hopefully cell phones. Also, arranging my wife’s official landing in Canada. Other than that, try to maintain my daily language studying and post as usual. I’m not committing to anything special online.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below.


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