From School to an Accident Scene

It was an interesting night. Tonight was the night that we went to the parent orientation night at my daughter’s school. That was fine, and I learned a lot about what’s going to happen. However, there was something that happened that left a far bigger impression on my mind.

As we were walking to the school, we saw a police car going past with its lights on. No siren, though. We were wondering what happened. After the orientation, we were walking home when we saw the police were up the street. It was more than an hour after we saw the police, so something must have happened. We walked in that direction, and saw that the street had been blocked off. Six police cars. We continued walking, going to the supermarket. We also saw a motorcycle, a couple of cars, and something that looked like a bag.

On our way back home, we walked past the police again. There was a fire truck. But we didn’t know what had happened yet. So, I did a search online. What I found was a police report about the incident.

There was an accident. A dirt bike crashed into a fence, and the rider, a forty-year-old man died. Well then, that was unexpected. I wonder why he crashed into the fence.


20 thoughts on “From School to an Accident Scene”

  1. I saw a motorcycle get hit, and I still can see the ball of fire years later. Wow! That is always sad and creepy when one sees an accident. As for the one in Edmonton…why do they give the Crime Stoppers’ number to report information? This is very mysterious, from the newspaper report. :-/

    1. That was actually the police report. Anything that’s reported to the police is through their Crime Stoppers number. It’s basically their information reporting number.

      In 2005, I saw someone jump in front of a train in Japan. I remember every detail of it, including the pieces of glass flying through the air.

          1. I’m glad about the flowers. I always think to myself when I see those scenes with the heaps of flowers and teddy bears and trinkets that its a lovely idea…but how effective it would be to donate to the poor. (Yes…I am known to be ….)

            1. I often wonder what happens to the flowers. I’ve seen accident sites still getting flowers a couple years after someone had died there.

            2. sometimes it gets to be a problem and the city in question mysteriously clears up the flowers (and miscellaneous debris) over night. It always make me sad to see the flowers and toys etc out in the elements…when their intrinsic value could do so much toward alleviating hunger

            3. Yeah, they’re just out there for sentimental reasons, I think. Also, they can be a hazard for drivers who slow down to see them. I’ve heard of accidents caused by drivers who look at roadside memorials.

            4. in some places schools that get federal funds are forbidden to use anything but English…some do anyway and are told to shut-up about it and do what they think is best. Total immersion is good, but how much easier it is if dog/perro are learned if used as a frame of reference. (for example)…especially true in teaching … say History …immersion is going to be fruitless unless the kids learn to understand the language.

            5. Reminds me of a girl who was in my grade 6 class. Her family was from Japan, and they moved to my town because of her dad’s job. She spoke no English, had no friends, and I don’t remember her speaking a single word that year. I doubt she understood anything. Two years later, she was one of the more popular girls. But she had no language support, unless she was getting private English tutoring. No idea.

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